Why Your Competition’s Construction Marketing is More Effective

construction marketing against the competitionBuilding product manufacturers and specialist construction companies tend to view marketing as an essential evil (ie. cost in time, money, resource).

While we’re aware that we need to reach new and existing clients, foster relationships and generate good quality leads, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. And let’s face it – procrastination is the devil when it comes to holding things up in our construction marketing plans.

To help provide you with the right guidance and awareness, this post is about how clever businesses are getting  to your customers before you do, and ultimately – what you should do about it.

So without further ado, what are businesses doing to nail their construction marketing strategy?

  1. They’re Being Bold

    They’re producing content, yes – isn’t everyone? But whilst you’re worried about writing something that your competitors will benefit from, they’re worrying less and proving their capability. They’re gaining trust from prospects and building relationships online. They aren’t necessarily out-smarting you, but they are out-teaching you. They are out-helping you and they’re not afraid of learning as they go.
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  2. They’re Quick to Respond

    They’re producing content quickly and considerately. While you’re pondering the next British Standard or Building Regulations update they’ve already prepared something great, that provides insight and is helpful to their audience, gaining new leads and advocates. They’re nailing the opportunity while you’re sitting there thinking “We could do better than that”.
    Need to know how to bring in quality leads through providing insightful downloads for your audience? Our guide to producing white papers should get you off to a good head start:
  3. They’re In Control

    Their website lets them act quickly. It’s built for action. While you’re still having the argument internally about having (or not having) a corporate blog or updating your CMS to something more, well… at least more useable, your competition have gone through the pain and are out the other side. They’ve rebuilt their website, created a blog and integrated a CMS. And now with all this in place they’re building their credibility, delivering articles and building a great resource for their customers and prospects.
    Are you at the stage where building an effective lead generation website is crucial to be seen as a great resource for architects and specifiers?
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  4. They Know the Customer

    They’ve fixed their Customer Relationship Management issue [CRM]. That’s right. They’ve got control of their most valuable marketing asset and are now well on the way to fathoming out how to segment their data into audiences who matter. They are now planning campaigns to providing that audience with content that’s relevant to them. Imagine that!
    Consultant Mark Kelly gave an insightful presentation at our latest DECONSTRUCT event on the importance of developing customer personas for providing targeted campaigns. Simply click on the video below to find out more.
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  5. They’re Not being Random
    They are clear on their best source of qualified leads. They have banished Random acts of marketing. Last year they paid money to find out where they performed best online and where their weaknesses were. They also now know which products are most popular online. Even better (or worse for you), they know where the opportunities for improvement are. Using this information they are testing new messages, new landing pages and targeted email campaigns before rolling out the successful strategies across the rest of their product pages and spec tools. They have gone ‘inbound’.
    Darren Lester, Founder and CEO of SpecifiedBy, talks you through how to create effective product pages that specifiers will love in the below video.
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  6. They’re Testing CTA’s [Calls to Action]

    They’re aware that they need to have call-to-action buttons on those all important product pages, spec tool areas and application landing pages. They are testing those too. They are agile and pro-active while you’re bemoaning another annoying bill for text updates on your web pages. And yes, they do have the spec tool area you’ve been deliberating about…
  7. They’re Always Reviewing the Plan

    They’re refining their construction marketing plans. They’re flexible. They know they are fluid; they are aware that things change but they are doing what’s necessary now while they have the opportunity. They’re constantly learning, measuring and refining. Setting up plans designed to be adapted as they get even better. Your competition ‘Think, Plan and Do’. That’s how they win.
    View our popular post below for ideas on how you can get creating a well-balanced construction marketing strategy today, with all of the right elements of online and offline tactics.
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  8. They’re Collaborating

    Your competition has their agencies talking to each other; sharing ideas and challenges. Opening up the dialogue and getting more brains thinking will create a better solution. From case studies to website measurement they’re all working together. Creating, implementing, measuring, refining and improving.
    Need help with choosing the right construction marketing partner for your business? Our post has been designed to  help the Managing Director of a building product manufacturer decide how best to take their marketing to the next level (complete with a useful little checklist!)
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  9. They understand Search Necessities

    Your competition understands the importance of the long tail SEO tactic. They also understand that a poorly performing PPC campaign is fast becoming a wasted opportunity, not to mention a drain in money. Therefore, a better search and content strategy is the thing to get right now knowing that ranking for terms (that really matter) and employing the right paid tactics to further support these, will lead to construction marketing success.
    PPC campaigns construction marketing   construction marketing paid search
  10. They Have Good Strategy (Not Bad Strategy)

    Your competition knows the difference between a business goal and business objective. Most importantly, their sales team buy-in to what the company’s business goals and marketing objectives are and can see how the marketing strategy will work to help achieve their sales goals. Your competition understand that a financial goal is a KPI and that a business challenge is better suited to building a strategy around. As a result, this year they’ll focus on the next priority – maybe rich media, local search, virtual reality.
  11. They’re Measuring What Matters

    Your competition knows what tactics are delivering on their KPI’s. They know which publications are providing good traffic. They are measuring what matters and spending they’re on and offline budgets accordingly, while you’re doing the same things as you did last year and expecting different results.

Of course, I understand there are company politics, louder voices, HIPPO’s and red tape in construction companies everywhere.

But you know what? Your competition are finding ways around that and making business cases internally to push their marketing ideas forward – no matter how scary a prospect that is.

That’s what ambitious, business-focused marketing people do (and what great companies foster in their employees).

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