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Infographic: The EU Cookie Law Numbers

Following on from our EU Cookie Law Taking the first steps post published a few days back there has been a number of sites now who have started to introduce various ways of informing visitors about cookies and ways in which to get visitors to opt in to have cookies set on their computers.

Econsultancy have just released this useful infographic containing some interesting numbers. One which sticks out in my mind is 93% of marketers survey think the consumer has no idea about what cookies are.Read More

Internet World 2011 – Summary of the Social Media Seminars

Yesterday I took a trip to Internet World at Earl’s Court in London. It’s a leading digital marketing and social media event with hundreds of companies exhibiting their latest products and software solutions. Thousands of visitors attend the 3 day event to learn about the latest developments in social media strategy, ecommerce, online marketing, content management and analytics, amongst many others.There were some speakers from the big names in the industry such as Google, Facebook, Ogilvy and E-bay but you had to pay to attend most of those.

I chose to go for the cheap route and queue up for the free seminars that were available in the different seminar theatres. The main ones I was interested in was ‘The Future of Social Media‘, ‘Digital & Mobile Marketing‘ and ‘Content Management‘. There were a wide range of topics and sometimes it was difficult to chose which ones to go to. However, the fact that you had to queue for about 20 minutes to get into every seminar meant that the day passed pretty quickly without being able to attend as many sessions as I would have liked. Read More

Creating effective campaign landing pages

For many marketers, targeting the right people involved at each stage of the long and complex, design and build process can be difficult to develop, implement and measure. Using inbound marketing channels is becoming much more prominent within the marketing mix and it goes without saying that well thought out campaigns can work wonders.

Our expert digital marketers have answered the question: ‘How will landing pages bring my audience online?’. Looking at how creating highly targeted landing pages with relevant content and a clear value proposition, will give you more qualified traffic and in turn, increase your campaign conversion rates and overall marketing success.

As marketers begin to realise the massive benefits of integrating offline approaches with online activities you will quickly learn how you too can evaluate your campaign performance. Find out more now, click creating effective landing pages and start to boost your marketing campaigns.

Damned if they publish – Digital marketing strategy

The internet has provided a platform where anyone can comment, without any editorial control at all.  It’s been a rapid revolution which has taken control from the hands of those who make a business out of publishing. Some commentators have even complained and questioned whether such important things as expressing opinions should be left in the hands of the masses!Read More

Home pages for Construction websites – Online Construction Marketing

“At Pauley Creative we have been designing and building websites and home pages for construction industry websites for over ten years and the trends for best practice in terms of design, build and strategy have changed sporadically over time. However, the basics remain the same. Within this piece I will give you a better understanding of what you should be expecting of your home page as well as the customer experience your users should expect too”.

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By Nick Pauley – Principal – Pauley Creative

Straight to the point – Construction copywriting

There’s no point in putting together a wonderfully integrated marketing campaign if the words don’t ring bells for the readers. Writing good ad copy isn’t easy. The more I read other people’s marketing literature the more I realise that writing is a talent that not everyone has. There’s the architects firm which promises to “assist” its clients when I’m sure what the clients need is someone to carry out the job – not assist them. There’s the quantity surveyors practice that offers me the “best possible solution”.  It’s so easy to fluff around the subject and not say exactly what you mean.Read More