How to choose the Best Bidding Strategy for your PPC Campaign


Before you can go about implementing your PPC campaign, there are two types of overarching strategy types to get your head around: manual and automated bidding.

Manual bidding involves your business directly controlling bid increases or decreases based on a range of factors within website data, such as past keyword performance or conversions based on location, for example. Manual bidding may be an option for marketers with previous PPC experience but also for construction marketers wishing to have more control over their PPC account.

Automated bidding, otherwise known as ‘flexible’ bidding, gives most of the control to an algorithm that selectively chooses the most optimal bids for your campaign. There are a range of tools, such as Google’s conversion optimiser, Searchforce or Marin to help manage these bids. This may be seen as an option for those with little or no PPC experience, however it does restrict the control you have to refine and enhance your campaigns.

To help you come to a decision, we’ve listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of each bidding strategy below…


It’s important to bear in mind that there is no clear-cut answer for all construction businesses when it comes to choosing the appropriate bidding strategy; you need to make a decision based on what option works best for you when it comes to managing campaigns effectively going forward.

Our next post will discuss the different types of manual and automated bidding available and key considerations for each.

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