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Persona of a Building Insurance Loss Adjuster

Defining the Persona of a Building Insurance Loss Adjuster

In the intricate world of building insurance, loss adjusters play a pivotal role, acting as the critical link between insurance companies and policyholders following a claim. Understanding the persona of a building insurance loss adjuster is crucial for construction solution providers looking to cater effectively to their unique needs and challenges. For many building service providers that offer remedial work in the commercial or residential space, the loss adjusters is a key marketing target to influence. This blog post aims to provide a detailed overview of this key figure in the insurance landscape.

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How to get the best from your marketing agency: 10 recommendations


In this blog, we hear from Senior Account Manager at Pauley Creative, Kate Prater.

Having been a Pauley Creative client for 5 years, and now working within the agency herself, Kate has a well-rounded perspective on construction marketing. Since joining Pauley Creative, she has grown an appreciation for what happens behind the scenes.

Kate reflects on how to get the best out of your agency from a client perspective, taking into consideration what she now knows, while also appreciating how an open and collaborative client mindset can strengthen quality and results.

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12 actions to strengthen your Sales & Marketing strategies


In construction, but certainly not limited to this industry alone, sales and marketing departments experience disconnects. 

Indeed, each department has very different responsibilities, skills, and priorities, however ultimately, everyone is working toward the same goal.

Too often, a close working relationship between sales and marketing isn’t prioritised. We’re strong believers in doing the opposite.

Taking a collaborative and holistic approach to your sales & marketing planning, will strengthen the relationship between the departments, and more importantly, you will see a difference in your pipeline, and commercial results.

Here’s our top 12 tips to making your sales and marketing function work harder.

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Architectural technician persona

architectural technician persona

Understanding your audience is critical to the success of your sales and marketing efforts. For most building product manufacturers, the architectural technician is a crucial decision maker. Defining and understanding who this is, what they like, how they prefer to be communicated with and what their drivers are, is essential.

Many of our customers refer to the architect as the most powerful specifier, but at Pauley Creative we believe the architectural technician and architectural technologist has a greater influence on product specification. In this article, we set out a fictitious character who’s traits, behaviours and drivers, are likely common. Many individuals in the architectural community we hope would concur with.

The Architectural Technician

Alex is more likely to be Male than Female; data from 2019 quoted by Careersmart gives UK figures as follows for the category Architectural and Town Planning Technicians;
Women 7174 (31%) Men 15953 ( 69%).

Alex will have a good educational background, probably a degree or even a masters if working in a bigger organisation, or may have qualified through a strictly vocational educational environment via FE college or an apprenticeship. He is likely to be a millennial aged between 25 to 35 and will be confident, used to taking responsibility and expect providers to be of the same ilk.Read More