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Something Left Field – A Totally MozCon Experience

Good marketers talk about telling stories.

When you write content, when you create video, when you design an infographic, tell a story.

So I’m gonna tell you about my MozCon experience.

Zeph, Suarev, Sarah Bird, Lexie and a few others…. there are “actionable” items in here for you! Just bear with me for the first 500 words please.

Nathalie I stole your words for the title, because I think this qualifies…

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How Construction Marketers Can Use BuzzSumo To Inform Content Strategy

First question. What is BuzzSumo?

Well, BuzzSumo is a clever tool that can be used for a number of really interesting research applications that endeavour to give your content marketing strategy a helping hand.

This is what BuzzSumo say about their product:

BuzzSumo provides insights into the most popular content online and the influencers sharing it.

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10 ways to create viral videos as part of a construction products campaign

Definition Viral video: A video which becomes popular through social sharing (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc)

Viral videos can be great – great fun, great for branding and great for reach without necessarily having access to spectacular budgets.

The brilliant thing about these videos is that they have the magical ability to take you out of your ‘construction’ pigeonhole. The techniques and tactics which make a great viral will transcend your industry labels and appeal directly to basal human instincts… curiosity, sympathy, humour, sociability.

Reviewing some of the greatest viral videos from the past few years, it’s clear to see trends in some of the more successful tactics employed by the creative agencies.Read More

MDi TV – Ecobuild 2012 Round Up

As the sun sets on Ecobuild for yet another year we can only now take a look at some of the good uses of digital marketing and new technologies we spotted during our visit to the 3 day show. It was good to see an increase in the number of stands displaying some sort of online social element be it Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and testing new ways of getting people online or interacting through the use of QR Codes whilst at the show. We also noticed an increase in the number of exhibitors using iPads and mobile devices on stands which I can only assume was either a tactic to keep people on the stand or be able to show visitors the other ranges of products which were not on display. We did spot a dozen or so stands with QR codes but only a few codes we scanned led to a mobile friendly website which still backs up my theory that marketers are still only thinking about the first hurdle, not the next which what the website will look like on a mobile device and whether or not the viewer will be able to perform the actions you want them to take.Read More

A collection of infographics for the construction industry

Infographics have become a very popular method of presenting data and information in a visual, creative and fun way. They are vastly shared on social media and the best infographics convey complex information in a quick, and easy to digest, manner.  We have done some research and collected 12 construction-related infographics that you might find useful. If you have come across any others that should be on this list then please let us know in the comments section. Enjoy!

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A collection of iPhone apps for the construction industry

You would probably think that there wasn’t going to be that many construction related iPhone apps in the app store, right? Well actually you would be surprised at how many apps are in fact related to various audiences within the construction industry.

They range from calculators and design tools through to guidance books – all available to use on your iPhone. Something I noticed is the lack of reviews for each app which may indicate that mobile apps have not yet been discovered due to poor promotion, over pricing (some are) or just simply not needed on an iPhone. What are your opinions on apps for the iPhone when it comes to our industry? Are there any which you use on a regular basis? Are iPhones, or any smartphones, useful for work related processes?

Here are some apps which I stumbled across within the app store, I am sure there are more so if you know of any please do suggest them within the comments section.

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Wrapping up a busy 2010 for construction marketing

As the saying goes “Hasn’t this year just flown by?”

Indeed it has and what a year it has been too. 2010 has seen the rise of social media and how construction companies, large and small, look to embrace social platforms for pushing out content and increasing networking opportunities. Interesting discussions have taken place regarding the uses of social media within the industry and whether any form of ROI can be calculated. It seems as though many companies and marketers are still trying to work out how it can be used to assist with their business objectives and goals.

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