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Nick Pauley

Founder of Pauley Creative

Stuart Dinnie

Managing Director

Ashley Powell

Head of Sales

Kim Lowden

Project Manager

Manji Wijemunige

Technical Lead
Manji Wijemunige Techncical Lead

David Dakramendjian

Account Development Director

Melanie Comerford

Account Manager

Steph Woolhead

Account Manager

Jake Arch

Account Manager

Suzanne Golder

Content Strategist and PR Lead
Suzanne Golder Pauley Creative

Ebony Hutt

Marketing Manager

Evie Collins

SEO Manager

James Necek

Content & PR Production Coordinator
James Necek - Content production

Paul Forrester

Technical Content Writer
Paul technical writer

Alexandra Tvarozkova

Construction Specialist Content Writer

Shannon Hudson

Construction Specialist Content Writer

Jane Grimwood

PR and Research Manager


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