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BMF Members Day Presentation on Digital Marketing Strategies for Builders Merchants and Suppliers


Nick’s weak attempt at dabbing didn’t impress the BMF members

This week I was delighted to give a talk on the importance of an action plan and an integrated digital marketing strategy to members of the BMF [Builders Merchant Federation] at their annual members day conference.

In this post are the presentation slides followed by a write up of the key points raised…

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Why we’re saying ‘No’ to any more new clients.

Runners and triathletes use the term ‘Tempo training’ or ‘Threshold’ to describe a ‘comfortably hard’ training effort.

Right now, Pauley Creative is at threshold. We’re in the zone. Working ‘comfortably hard’, and we’re loving it.

To take on another new client, whatever the opportunity, would tip the balance.

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Thanks Pritesh, This Post is Just For You

That’s right, you read correctly. Pritesh is flying the nest…

120,889 visitors later (92k of which were unique), 6,709 goals converted* and 1338 days after joining Pauley Creative in April 2010 Pritesh is moving on (albeit not very far).

So, what better way to wrap up the fabulous year we’ve had than by dedicating our final blog post of 2013 to the main man himself.Read More

6 Books That Will Transform The Way You Think About Marketing Your Building Products Business

I’m like a sponge to information that is relevant to me, but…

I’m impatient.

If I don’t learn something relevant immediately, like in the title, or at least on the first page, books tend to get binned.

Other stuff gets done. I’m a pragmatist, that’s just the way it is.

In fact, I’ll only actually read an entire book if it is so unmissable, so relevant, so enthralling that I’m hooked from the word go. Maybe you’re the same?Read More

Cranfield University BGP – Speak from the heart, not the Powerpoint

I was recently invited to speak at a Cranfield University BGP open day. The BGP, or Business Growth Programme as it’s known, is designed specifically for the development of owner managers and their businesses.

I was invited to give a presentation based on my own experience of participating on the BGP programme back in February 2007. I was more than happy to accept the invitation. My experience of BGP was rewarding, challenging and still helps me to this day. My BGP was a journey of massive benefit to both me and my business.Read More