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What to Include for the Most Effective Email Confirmation

Our recent post discussed the importance of setting up a ‘Thank You’ page to both encourage further engagement from leads and measure goal completions in Analytics.

An Email Confirmation is the next important step in the process; once your lead has submitted their details and is taken to the ‘Thank You’ page, an email should follow shortly explaining the next steps.

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3 common construction email marketing myths debunked

An effective email distribution list can achieve a number of key goals for marketers within building products manufacturers.

  1. It can improve the online REACH of your products (and consequently extend the knowledge of your brand and other products).
  2. It can help build confidence and trust in your prospects to ACT on your integrated marketing messages.
  3. It can encourage prospects to CONVERT into leads through permission-based* calls-to-action on your building product landing pages.
  4. It can start the relationship-building process with your prospects by opening a channel to ENGAGE in conversation.

But before you all go and spend a small fortune on a big old list from a broker, based on SIC codes and other useless data drivel. There are two points to remember here:Read More

MDi TV Episode 15 – 5 things to consider before you start your email marketing campaign

In this episode of MDi TV we take a look at some important things to consider prior to developing an email marketing plan or campaign. Email is an area which many construction marketers look to increase the use of and by doing so end up just increasing the volume rather than increasing the quality of the database which is being targeted. Some key areas include segmentation and list management, by doing this you will see an increase in performance and effectiveness rather than a one message fits all approach through to considering what device the email will be read on. If it is a mobile device then think about what the landing page or website looks like on a mobile device one the recipient has clicked through from the email itself.Read More

How product manufacturers can make their email marketing more social

Email marketing remains one of the main communication mediums in the construction industry. Building product manufacturers use it to update their customers and prospects on new products, to promote exclusive discounts and discuss industry news. There are articles floating about saying that social media will ‘kill’ email but these forget the most important point; you need an email address to have a social media account in the first place! Email is not going away but the way it is used for marketing needs to adapt and align with the changing buying behaviour of specifiers and architects.

Social media should be seen as a partner and not as a threat to email marketing. Together they can strengthen your brand message, provide new communication channels and increase your exposure to existing and potential customers. Both email and social media aim to keep your construction products top of mind for architects and specifiers by communicating with them in a relevant and timely manner that is both testable and measurable. Social media is the new tool but does not work alone. It is part of your overall marketing mix, of which email plays a large role.

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Email marketing report 2011: Government sector still leading the pack

Last year we discussed the results of the UK email marketing benchmark report published by, showing that the Government sector was leading the way in open and click through rates for email campaigns. The same benchmarking report has been published for 2011 and not much has changed.

The Government sector is currently ahead of the other 22 industry sectors surveyed with an open rate of 34.06% which is lower than last year’s 35.6% but their click through rates have risen slighly from 9.08% in 2010 to  9.23% in 2011. Engagement levels are measured by click to open rates where Government is in second place (27.11%) with a significant increase from last year’s 25.51%. This could be because their emails continue to send out interesting, informative content or due to a general increase in public interest in what the Government is doing. Industrial/Manufacturing is roughly in the middle and Property relatively near the bottom, both experiencing a decrease in engagement levels when compared to last year and are also below the overall average. Why is this the case? Are the calls to action not strong enough to get people to click through to landing pages? Is the content not interesting enough? Is email not the right channel for the messages promoted? How does the shift in mobile usage impact the results?

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