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5 Ever-So Simple Tips to Shape a Strong Construction Brand

This post will consider the importance of strong construction brand positioning, which most construction companies could benefit from.

We will explore the five key ways to create successful business messages around the products and services you provide to your key target audiences.

It’s the general job of marketing to provide prospects with:

  • Clarification of their company’s core products
  • The applications relevant to each product or product type
  • The company’s priority supporting services

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6 Books That Will Transform The Way You Think About Marketing Your Building Products Business

I’m like a sponge to information that is relevant to me, but…

I’m impatient.

If I don’t learn something relevant immediately, like in the title, or at least on the first page, books tend to get binned.

Other stuff gets done. I’m a pragmatist, that’s just the way it is.

In fact, I’ll only actually read an entire book if it is so unmissable, so relevant, so enthralling that I’m hooked from the word go. Maybe you’re the same?Read More

5 construction social sites you’re probably not monitoring

All the rave is about commercial social sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn but since doing quite a few online competitor and mention analysis; I’ve come across some social sites, mainly forums, which I would consider absolute goldmines for information when researching mentions of your brand online.

Firstly I’ve some across many conversations about some of the biggest brands in construction that took place back in late 90’s. It’s probably safe to say these companies are not aware of them. Read More

What happens after someone recommends your company?

In an industry where word of mouth (and golf courses) play a huge part in how business gets done it’s interesting to see what happens AFTER the word of mouth interaction occurs. Even if you are on a golf course or at a networking event and someone recommends you, it’s important to understand what the next step is in that process or journey especially as we all have the internet right at our finger tips.

Do you know how many people Google you as a result of someone recommending you? You may or may not. Do you know how many phone calls you have had as a result of someone recommending you? You may or may not.

Here’s an example of a ‘what happens next’ once some one recommends a company on Twitter and then researches the company via Google. Read More

5 ways to build your brand online in the construction industry

The construction industry is a very competitive marketplace and the main way companies can stand out from the crowd is by building, and maintaining, a strong brand. Branding builds a unique personality for your business that cannot be copied or imitated, thereby attracting a defined type of customer. Brands are more than just logos and positioning statements but instead, brands symbolise what people think and feel about a business. This emotional connection, along with your brand reputation, is what helps in buyers’ decision making process. It might drive an architect or specifier to specify your product instead of a competitors.

An important element of successful brands is consistency. This builds customer trust and perceived value because buyers know exactly what to expect from your product or service before they buy it. Companies have to ensure that these expectations are achieved, or even better, exceeded.

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Measuring Brand Awareness for Construction Product Manufacturers

Using Google Analytics to measure the performance of your website can reveal so many useful insights and give you some really good actionable outcomes. At Pauley Creative, prior to doing any form of online marketing we carry out an extensive website technical audit which includes a full Google Analytics audit & analysis so that we can recommend actions, activities and projects based on data, and data which actually means something and can be benchmarked and measured against. It’s all well and good saying “Visits to our website increased by 130%” but what if I told you that 90% of those visitors stayed on your website between 1 second and 10 seconds? Not so successful now huh?

This is where Advanced Segments in Google Analytics can really help you understand and breakdown those larger numbers into more smaller, more meaningful numbers. Firstly, Google Analytics already comes with some pre-defined advanced segments for you to choose from. These are great but they are basic segments such as ‘search traffic’ which will display all the stats only for those who came to your website from a search engine or ‘mobile visits’ or ‘non-bounce visits’. However, Google Analytics does allow you to create your own segments based on the type of website you have and the information you want to extract from the analytics software.Read More

What defines a market leader in building products?

Any business has a specific target market(s). ‘Markets’ can be defined and grouped in different ways such as by geographical location, demographics, customer type or a combination of several elements. This concept is relatively easy to understand but the tricky question lies in defining a market leader. The word ‘market leader’ seems to have different meanings for different people. Most importantly though what does it mean for your customers? They are the ones who are buying your products so you need to know how they define it, not just how you define it.  According to an online business dictionary it means:

A brand, product, or firm that has the largest percentage of total sales revenue (the market share) of a market. A market leader often dominates its competitors in customer loyalty, distribution coverage, image, perceived value, price, profit, and promotional spending.

This definition includes a variety of elements and some market leaders dominate in all categories whilst others might only dominate in a few of them. When specifiers and architects are choosing building products, what is most important for them and how do they a define market leader? Do they focus on the company with the largest sales volume and profits, the widest distribution network, the best proven product performance?Read More

Building strong brands: Essential for construction companies

The current economic climate is tough for many businesses in the AEC sector and seeing companies such as ROK go into administration was a real eye-opener. It is exactly in times like these that branding becomes even more important. Achieving growth and acquiring new business opportunities is increasingly challenging, especially when the industry is becoming even more competitive. In order to stand out you need to focus on your brand and remind prospects and clients why you are ‘the right man for the job.’ A strong brand is not achieved over night. It needs constant investment to sustain it and build strong brand equity.

A brand is much more than a logo or positioning statement. It is a promise. A promise from the company to its customers and clients that they will receive a product or service that consistently delivers added value.

“A brand is an identifiable entity that makes specific promises of value.”

Without branding all products and services are perceived to be the same without any differentiation. Strong branding sets you apart from the competition by providing benefits that others do not. Through this, a relationship is formed. The construction industry is built on many relationships – relationships with clients, suppliers, employees, architects, contractors. The list goes on. It is these relationships that fully define your brand. You may think your brand represents reliability, performance and sustainable development but if your clients, customers, prospects, employees and even the general public do not think (or see) that, then something is wrong.

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