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The Essential Guide to Construction Marketing

This guide provides you with an entire range of measurable, construction marketing tactics that we believe will encourage confident decision-making governed by facts, rather than guesswork.  We are here to provide you with solutions that enable your business to learn, teach, deliver, and grow.

Introduction to Pauley Creative: Find out a little more about our team values and processes to ensure that the marketing machine works cohesively to co-ordinate every tactic in the same direction.

Lead Generation Websites: Why should construction marketers invest in a lead-generation website? Read more about what the advantages are for your business and the varying elements to be considered.

PPC for Ecommerce Websites (Part 1): Ranking highly in search is becoming increasingly more competitive. Find out how to define and structure your paid search account to achieve your e-commerce goals.

PPC for Ecommerce Websites (Part 2): FInd out what bidding strategies to choose and how to implement them for your paid search account; there are various options, so choose the one that is most applicable to your construction business.

Social Media: This chapter covers how to implement social media strategies that are measurable and closely integrated with the entire marketing mix, to enhance brand awareness and increase conversions.

Content Marketing: Content marketing gives architects and specifiers the information they need to make better informed buying decisions; deliver the right content to them at each stage of the specification and buying process.

Whitepaper Campaigns: Keen on developing white paper content to generate qualified leads? Learn more about how to choose the right topics, how to structure the content and implement an effective campaign.

Press Relations: Learn how to maximise the success of your PR strategy to support your content marketing, including how to choose the right publication houses to work with and ways to manage the process going forward.

Services: Interested in knowing how we can best support your construction business? Take a look at the varying services we have to offer.

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