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MDi TV Episode 15 – 5 things to consider before you start your email marketing campaign

In this episode of MDi TV we take a look at some important things to consider prior to developing an email marketing plan or campaign. Email is an area which many construction marketers look to increase the use of and by doing so end up just increasing the volume rather than increasing the quality of the database which is being targeted. Some key areas include segmentation and list management, by doing this you will see an increase in performance and effectiveness rather than a one message fits all approach through to considering what device the email will be read on. If it is a mobile device then think about what the landing page or website looks like on a mobile device one the recipient has clicked through from the email itself.Read More

MDi TV – Ecobuild 2012 Round Up

As the sun sets on Ecobuild for yet another year we can only now take a look at some of the good uses of digital marketing and new technologies we spotted during our visit to the 3 day show. It was good to see an increase in the number of stands displaying some sort of online social element be it Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and testing new ways of getting people online or interacting through the use of QR Codes whilst at the show. We also noticed an increase in the number of exhibitors using iPads and mobile devices on stands which I can only assume was either a tactic to keep people on the stand or be able to show visitors the other ranges of products which were not on display. We did spot a dozen or so stands with QR codes but only a few codes we scanned led to a mobile friendly website which still backs up my theory that marketers are still only thinking about the first hurdle, not the next which what the website will look like on a mobile device and whether or not the viewer will be able to perform the actions you want them to take.Read More

MDi TV Episode 14: What are advanced segments in Google Analytics?

Welcome to another episode of MDi TV. Today I will talk you through advanced segments in Google Analytics, explaining what they are and how you can use them to break down your data into smaller segments. Google Analytics already has some standard segments set up that let you view and analyse your traffic data in more detail by looking at segments such as:

  • How much traffic came from just mobile devices like the iPhone or iPad to enable to you understand how people interact with your site on a small device.
  • How many website visitors were new and how many are returning visitors to help you identify whether brand campaigns and blogs keep people coming back for more.
  • How many came from search engines or referral sites to help you determine if your SEO or link building tactics are sending quality traffic.
  • Non-bounce visits (viewed more than 1 page) which enables you to assess the quality of your content or landing pages.
  • View the data for those that completed a goal to help you just look at the user journey for those who subscribed, registered or filled in the contact form.

My favourite part however is the fact that you can create your own custom segments! This allows you to find out even more information about certain campaigns to see how your marketing efforts are working over time. Some examples of custom segments that I discuss in this episode include measuring brand and non-brand keyword traffic, brand loyal visitors and traffic from various social media sites.

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MDi TV Episode 13 – A brief introduction to Pinterest

Welcome to this week’s episode of MDi TV. Ayaan gives a quick overview of Pinterest and describes how this social platform can be used by businesses within the construction industry. Earlier this week we also published a blog post with a case study on how McKay flooring are already using Pinterest, and this episode takes a closer look at their profile once again.

Hope you enjoy the episode and if you have any further questions (or would like an invite to join Pinterest) then please tweet us @PauleyCreative.

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MDi TV Episode 12 – How to set up Goals in Google Analytics for your Construction Products Website

In this episode of MDiTV Pritesh will show you how to create and set up goals in Google Analytics to measure conversions on your website such as downloads, registrations, subscriptions or sign ups. Pritesh then explains what the conversion report looks like and how to interpret the data to find which sources of traffic are effective at achieving the most conversions. Any questions please do tweet us @PauleyCreative or let us know of any topics which you would like us to cover in any future episodes of MDiTV.


MDi TV Episode 11 – Planning your digital marketing for 2012

Happy new year and welcome to the first MDi TV episode of 2012. This episode will help you benchmark your current position and plan your marketing activities for the year. Conduct a review of 2011 to discover whether you achieved your objectives, how your website is performing, where the majority of your traffic is coming from, what web pages are doing well (and which aren’t) and also look at the brand and non-brand keywords that are driving traffic to your site. How can you increase traffic for non-branded keywords this year?

Doing a regular review of your competitors and the general environment is also vital. Are there any new companies in your sector? What campaigns are your competitors running? Is there any new industry regulation that you (or your customers) should be aware of? Once you have benchmarked your position, you can then allocate your marketing budget according to the specific and measurable goals that you have set for the year ahead.

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MDi TV Episode 10 – Using social media to improve your PR activities

This episode of MDi TV explores the relationship between PR and social media. PR has changed over the years with the focus shifting from just getting news into the press to writing content that speaks directly to your audience and encourages conversation. Journalists are under a lot of pressure and need PR professionals to provide them with content that is relevant and written in a style that can be easily copied and pasted, hence the rise in popularity of the social media news release. This content is optimised for both search engines and the media looking for news on a certain topic.

Distributing your content and PR activities through social media channels can dramatically increase the reach of your news, whilst engaging in personal conversations and sharing relevant information online can strengthen your relationships with journalists and reporters.

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MDi TV Episode 9 – Optimising page titles for product manufacturer websites

The latest episode of MDi TV illustrates how product manufacturers within the construction industry can optimise their product page titles. When architects and specifiers are searching online they might already have a specific product in mind and will type this brand or product name directly into search engines. If your page titles are not optimised then you could be missing out on a large volume of quality traffic. Watch this screencast to learn how important unique page titles are and how you can ensure that your website appears in search results for your products.

Please let us know if you have any questions that you would like answered in a future episode by sending a tweet to @PauleyCreative or emailing us.

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MDi TV Episode 8 – How search engines use social signals as one of its ranking factors

Welcome to the latest episode of MDi TV. This week Pritesh explains how search engines use social signals to determine which websites or web pages to rank highly within search engine results pages. The key take away from this is that whilst this isn’t just about a link from Twitter or Facebook pointing to your website, it’s more about producing quality content and then allowing your website visitors to share that content within social networking sites. The more social shares your content has and authority is built, the stronger the signal to Google that this content is of quality and is shared by authoritative people online (influencers) and should rank higher within search engines.Read More

MDi TV Episode 7 – Location based search optimisation

Welcome to the latest episode of MDi TV. This week we are doing something different and showing you a screencast tutorial of how you can optimise your construction website for people who are searching by location. Pritesh takes you through the process, highlighting what website (and page) elements are most important and need to be optimised for search engines.

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