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CPD writing is often overlooked as a powerful marketing tool for any building product manufacturer. Traditionally driven by sales, CPD presentations are delivered to prospects as a way of getting a foot in the door with architects practices.

However, getting face to face meetings is becoming harder and harder as practices are pushed for time. Many practices allocate dedicated roles to booking and even participating in face to face CPD, on behalf of other team members. Many others also conduct their annual learning in particular months of the year to cut down on ‘adhoc’ interruptions to the day job.

The digital era has opened up wider possibilities with many architects and technicians choosing to take online CPD as a way to improve their knowledge and training.

CPD copywriting & creation

The task of writing great CPD’s that cut through the noise and deliver the right information should not be underestimated. It’s likely that your sales team are great sellers, but perhaps they are not the best authors or writers of content.

Pauley Creative have a team of professional writers with construction industry knowledge to help shape killer CPDs on your behalf. Understanding technical products, regulations and standards and the audience you are presenting to is essential to creating great CPD. We’ll take all the strain and effort away from your sales teams and let them do what they are best at.

Gaining CPD accreditation

Pauley Creative are accredited CPD writers – meaning any content produced can be certified to strict CPD standards and can be officially stamped with the CPD UK mark of certification. This gives your content credibility and recognition for being educational, independent and of a high standard, ticking all the boxes for the architect or technician thats making the booking.

CPD should not be limited to presentation format. With distance learning becoming the norm, we can enhance a typical ‘powerpoint’ style format into an interactive video animation, keeping the audience interested and engaged, whilst breaking complex topics down into bitesize, visual chunks.

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Pauley Creative’s team have years of technical content production experience, which helps us to navigate through the nuisances of regulations and compliance. Talk to us today about how Pauley Creative can write, script, artwork and animate your CPD to bring them to life and elevate your message above the competitions.


Read more about getting the most out of your CPD here.







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