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What to Consider When Converting Your Website to Mobile

The ever-evolving world of mobile technology means that the internet can be accessed at any given time or place, and as smartphones are being used with a strong intent to search, interact, or shop, it becomes all the more important for your website to deliver a great user experience on all mobile devices.

This post will discuss what to consider when converting your site to mobile, from choosing the appropriate design and build technique, to avoiding common SEO pitfalls.

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Construction website design versus usability

A website creates a global identity for your construction business. This makes website design a critical factor in your success online. Websites are like a first impression, which as you know, are lasting and difficult to change. Visitors need to be attracted to your website within a few seconds because many people do not have the time or patience to go through all the sites that feature in search results.

Give visitors a reason to stay on your site, explore it and hopefully return. You might ask, ‘but how do I do this?’ One of the best tips is to ensure that all the relevant content and information that prospects need to make a qualified decision is easily visible and available on your website. The homepage is like a shop window, if there is nothing attracting you to stay and go inside, you will just leave.Design your homepage so that it guides the user through to the most relevant pages quickly.

If you are targeting specifiers or architects, install simple web applications like product selectors that will make their job easier. Providing a valuable resource for them will instil loyalty as they will continue to visit your site for information which could result in future business. See Richard Burbidge (below) as an example of a construction company making use of online applications to simplify the customer journey, giving them the necessary tools they need and thereby increasing lead generation.

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10 tips for optimising campaign landing pages

Setting up a website is only part of building an effective digital marketing strategy. Your website needs to perform in the same way as your sales team and that is to create you leads, opportunities and add to your bottom line. A few weeks ago, I wrote about measuring outcomes of your website and in particular the importance of assigning ‘goals’ to your website.  So what do you do once traffic is starting to flow through to your site…?Read More

Green waste. Ecobuild 2010 – Construction Event Marketing

Digital marketer upset by lack of digital marketing at Ecobuild – no surprise there then! Yes, it was green, seriously green in fact, but from where I was standing it was more ‘green behind the ears’.

Sure, there was some fantastic energy saving, efficiency driven, eco-friendly, sustainable products and services on show – and some great ‘looking’ stands too. In that respect and from an eco-building product and discussion perspective the event no doubt delivered – other more knowledgeable people than me can debate that.

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Straight to the point – Construction copywriting

There’s no point in putting together a wonderfully integrated marketing campaign if the words don’t ring bells for the readers. Writing good ad copy isn’t easy. The more I read other people’s marketing literature the more I realise that writing is a talent that not everyone has. There’s the architects firm which promises to “assist” its clients when I’m sure what the clients need is someone to carry out the job – not assist them. There’s the quantity surveyors practice that offers me the “best possible solution”.  It’s so easy to fluff around the subject and not say exactly what you mean.Read More