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What is Paid Media?

Paid media allows construction businesses to deliver advertisements that promote their key marketing messages to the target market; this includes social advertising and pay-per-click advertising, which involves advertisers paying a set fee every time an online user clicks on one of their ads.

Why is it important to you?

With the competition for online search visibility becoming fiercer year on year, construction businesses need to try harder than ever to be noticed; whilst social advertising will help to enhance your brand awareness across multiple platforms, PPC is also dominating page one of Google, which means that you really need to be investing in paid advertising campaigns in order to successfully promote your products and services.

What do we offer?

We understand that a huge amount of money and resource can often be wasted on paid advertising when not used effectively.

A focused strategy will be tailored to your specific sales and marketing goals in order to ensure you’re getting the most from your ad spend. This will involve reviewing your existing spend and campaigns to understand your current offering and audience.

Using this information and identifying the gaps will enable us to propose the right platforms and channels to use going forward. Whether you need to drive engagement across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Youtube, we’ll be responsible for creating high-impact, powerful ads with your target audience in mind.

With our expert knowledge of social media and PPC advertising we can help to drive traffic to your website, gain quality new leads, boost your content, build your online audience and much more.



The creation of an effective search strategy to support marketing campaigns and drive qualified traffic.

Paid Social Advertising

Identifying the best use of ad placements to boost awareness and drive specific campaigns.

Media Placement

Delivering your message through media placement, most commonly in the form of TV and radio advertising.

Paid Media Paid Media Paid Media

Why should PPC be considered for your Ecommerce website?: Relying on organic search rankings is not feasible anymore. PPC is essential to competing. Our guide explains why.

How can PPC be made as effective as possible?: Simply throwing money at PPC is not the answer. You'll need a clear strategy, a structured account, and to be constantly monitoring and refining. The guide lays out the basics.

How can PPC improve profit margins and contribute to your business goals?: Opening up the PPC channel and making it profitable can effectively contribute to your sales targets. We'll show you how to measure.

"...One of the main aspects of what Pauley Creative have done for us is re-optimised our PPC account, re-energised it and focussed it on the e-commerce brand. We've got growth everywhere within the business..."

Ben Rumbelow - Marketing Manager - Glazing Vision and

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