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At Pauley Creative, we’re big advocates of using data insights and analysis to improve a specific areas of your business and drive forward your construction marketing strategy.

Data collection is at it’s highest ever level, which opens up countless opportunities as a construction marketer or board member to develop strategy based on real data rather than using gut feel. Data can be used to

In short, in helps make better business and marketing decisions.

So if you are not collecting and analysing data on regular basis, you are definitely losing out. On a regular basis you should be analysing your most powerful marketing tool, your building product, contractor, merchant or membership organisation website.

Here’s a list of the types of data we regularly uses to inform construction marketing strategy for our customers:

At Pauley Creative we recommend including regular research projects as part of your annual marketing budgeting.

For items like website and competitor analysis, creating monthly reports is ideal. For customer insights and market research we recommend performing pieces annually in order to measure success consistently.

The insights gained will enable you to approach your target audience on a more refined level and develop a deeper understanding of the services, products and information your business should be providing.

How effective is your marketing and how can you make improvements? At Pauley Creative we carry out data-driven projects that measure exactly what’s important to your construction business. We ask the right questions and draw upon the correct conclusions and eliminate random acts of marketing, making your efforts more impactful.

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