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The use of QR codes and Hashtags in the Construction Industry

For all dedicated marketers, both in the construction industry and elsewhere, finding new ways of interacting and engaging with potential leads has always been a top priority.

And within this fast-moving digital world it becomes all the more important to find out which marketing strategies are most popular, and out of these, which will best ensure your brand gets heard.

This post will discuss the importance of QR codes and hashtags to the construction industry, and how they can be applied to your business in order to achieve the best results.

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How the Top UK Construction Companies are Using Social Media Marketing in 2014

Read our 2015 update of this post here.

In June 2010 and 2011 we carried out an analysis of how the top 15 construction companies in the UK were using social media to connect with their audience online.

Although some growth in the use of social media and its execution were obvious between 2010 and 2011 many of the key players in construction were still to fully engage with their online audience. Some of those were yet to occupy any kind of presence online outside of their website. Whilst a critical aspect of marketing for any business is a well designed website, when used in isolation a website does not allow the customer to engage [with the company] in the way that they [the savvy online audience] are fast becoming accustomed.Read More

3 reasons why building product manufacturers need to take note of #socialspec

Recently launched #socialspec invites crowdsourced specification recommendations through social channels (mainly Twitter at the moment).

The guys over at Specifiedby product directory have come up with this fantastic idea where Architects and Specifiers can tweet the @socialspec Twitter account with a specific product requirement and @socialspec will in turn ask their followers for any recommendations.Read More

What happens after someone recommends your company?

In an industry where word of mouth (and golf courses) play a huge part in how business gets done it’s interesting to see what happens AFTER the word of mouth interaction occurs. Even if you are on a golf course or at a networking event and someone recommends you, it’s important to understand what the next step is in that process or journey especially as we all have the internet right at our finger tips.

Do you know how many people Google you as a result of someone recommending you? You may or may not. Do you know how many phone calls you have had as a result of someone recommending you? You may or may not.

Here’s an example of a ‘what happens next’ once some one recommends a company on Twitter and then researches the company via Google. Read More

What if your key audience on Twitter use it the most after 7pm? Who’s at work at 7pm?

So you have identified the need for your company to be on Twitter and will be at an advantage over competitors if you jump onto Twitter before they do. Let’s assume you have done your homework and identified that there is a large audience, one which you want to communicate with, already on Twitter and seem to be quite active. Let’s also assume that you have taken the necessary steps to give the control of the corporate Twitter account to the right person within the business. We’re not talking about personal accounts or profiles here, we’re talking about company accounts and profiles.

Here’s the big one.

What if your key audience is most active on Twitter, and most likely to be responsive to your communication, after 7pm!Read More

Top 100 UK Product Manufacturers on Twitter

** Update 21/03/2016: unfortunately the [TCN] top 100 UK product manufacturers on Twitter list no longer exists so we’ve removed the link**

We will review the situation and find a way to update the top 100 manufacturers on Twitter. Any questions give us a shout.


** Update 7/10/2011: Here is the released top 100 UK product manufacturers on Twitter list **

After the success of the #tCntop100 and #ajtcn100 in grouping together UK construction professionals and architects on Twitter, next in the series is the top 100 UK product manufacturers.

It gives architects and specifiers a chance to interact with product manufacturers that are embracing social media. To date, tCn and Peer Index have found over 300 qualifying accounts and have released the details of the top 50 product manufacturers. This list includes official company accounts as well as individuals who are tweeting on behalf of their employer.

To make sure the list is as accurate as possible, tCn are asking product manufacturers or product suppliers within the UK built environment to nominate themselves or others if they are not currently on the list but would like to be included.

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Thinking of using Twitter for marketing? Ask yourself these 5 questions first

An increasing number of construction companies and professionals involved in the industry are joining Twitter to find out for themselves what the fuss is all about, and hopefully work out how it can benefit themselves or their business for marketing purposes. But what do you do once you’re on it? You set up an account, start following some people/businesses and may even have posted a few links from your website, but …. now what? I’ve seen too many companies launch Twitter profiles, tweet some information for a few months and then disappear off the face of Twitter altogether. Could it be that their was no strategy? Did the marketer within the business have no idea how much time was required to maintain and monitor mentions? Could it be that they didn’t see the value of it? Or did the personnel change and the new person hired to look after the profile had no idea what to do with it? There are so many possible reasons.

In the end it all comes down to planning, forming a social and content strategy, identifying the right metrics to measure your activities and then sticking to it. So, here are 5 questions to ask yourself before you start out on Twitter to ensure you don’t become one of those companies who makes a lot of noise one day but is gone the next.

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Infographic: How do UK Architects use Twitter?

We recently set out to survey UK Architects who are on Twitter to find out how they used Twitter and what for. We wanted to find out how long Architects had been using this platform for, how often they tweet, who they followed and what they like and dislike about it. We received a total of 117 responses which by no means make the results representative of all architects but it does give some interesting insights into how Twitter is currently being used by Architects.

Key Findings:

  • 65% of Architects surveyed had been using Twitter for over a year. Only 2 out of the 117 respondents had been on Twitter for less than a month.
  • Most Architects use Twitter to keep up with the latest industry news and network with industry peers. Only a handful of responses stated they used Twitter to promote their blog and for business development.
  • When asked ‘Who do you follow?’ most selected Other Architects, Practices and Publications. Other unprompted answers included Journalists and Consultants. Product Manufacturers, Clients and Directories coming in as least followed.
  • 95% of Architects do find Twitter useful, primarily for the reason that it’s quick and easy to share information and keep up with the latest news.
  • 99% of Architects surveyed stated that they would provide a recommendation if asked.

Here are the results of the survey presented as an infographic:

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Architect’s Journal to publish Top 100 influential UK architects on Twitter

In April 2011 Construction News published the tCn top 100 list of influential tweeters in the UK built environment and received a great response. It’s part of an initiative to help industry individuals and organisations understand, embrace and utilise the power of digital media. PeerIndex was used to rank Twitter users based on how influential they are and we’re very happy to be one of the only agencies included.

Next in the #tcntop100 series is an attempt to identify influential tweeters in UK architecture. The final #AJtCn100 list will be published in the Architect’s Journal (AJ) and further information explaining how users can get involved will be available via the AJ (online and in print) on Thursday the 9th of June.

**UPDATE** Here is the published list of the top 100 UK Architects on Twitter.

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