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Why is training important to you?

Construction marketers are constantly under pressure to improve their skills in digital tools and techniques. Due to the busy life of the modern construction marketer, there is little time for this essential learning.  Improving the online presence of your construction business is more important than ever before, so there isn’t a better time to train your internal marketing team in all areas of digital to achieve your business objectives and KPI’s.

What do we offer?

Here at Pauley Creative, we provide practical training to support your internal marketing team with the skills required to successfully market your services and building products.

The training sessions give you an opportunity to combine a number of marketing courses, covering topics such as SEO, paid media, social media, content marketing, email marketing, CMS training, data analytics, consumer behaviour and research.

Get your team up to speed with digital marketing tools and techniques

Online marketing jargon, platforms and tools can be overwhelming.

Our experienced team can answer all these questions for you and show you how to develop and implement effective digital marketing strategies that increase brand awareness and lead generation for your construction business.

“I really enjoyed the social media training session, it was very informative and it is now much clearer to me which direction we need to be heading with our social media marketing” Caroline Reilly, UK Marketing Manager, British Harlequin plc

We know every company and marketing team is different so we create bespoke training programmes tuned to your needs including:

How to use social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs
How to improve search visibility by optimising your website and implementing key strategies
How to network online with your audience
How to perform customer, market and brand research to develop results-focussed strategies
How to find your target audience online using the right tools
How to measure email campaigns and understand metrics
How to use Google Analytics to monitor and measure campaigns
How to create personas to really understand your target audience

Ideally for small groups of marketing and business development staff from any construction company. Our training services help marketing and business development functions understand the uses and benefits of online tools in a clear and concise manner.

We’ll guide you through all the necessary steps such as setting up business profiles, finding your target audience online, content writing, engagement factors and finally tracking and measuring all your activities.

For your convenience, we can either conduct the team training sessions in the comfort of your own office or we will invite you to join us in Milton Keynes.

For Team Training Services call us on +44 (0)1908 671707.



Learn how to ensure every website page and piece of content is optimised to increase online search visibility.

Content Marketing

Ensure your team understand the importance of a strategic content marketing strategy to obtain maximum results.



Find out how to implement PPC effectively to reduce outgoing costs, improve lead conversions and brand awareness.


Email Marketing

Learn how to distribute the right emails to improve engagement levels with your target audience as part of a tailored content strategy.


PR and Media Management

Know the right way to build media relationships to ensure you can justify your PR budget and measure results effectively.

Social Marketing

Engage your audience on the right social platforms to improve brand awareness, generate engagement and attract qualified leads.

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