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A Strategic, Digital, Construction Marketing Consultancy

There are a great many things to consider when selecting a digital marketing partner for your construction business.

The acid test?

Your chosen marketing consultancy or agency-to-be should be able to confidently challenge and identify your actual business needs and provide recommendations within your budget and timeframe.

Whether you actually get on with the people within the business is clearly a consideration too. The challenge of ‘fit and feel’ is emotive but should not be overlooked ie. does the consultancy or agency-to-be hold the same values as you do?

We’re clear about who we are and what we’re good at. Our beliefs highlight why we do what we do and what we believe in.

We’re fairly confident we’re not going to be for everyone, we accept that, but perhaps some of what we believe in resonates with you…

  • 1. Challenging the Status Quo

    Having the balls to challenge arbitrary actions, thoughts and ideas. Because the argument “…we’ve always done it this way…” holds no weight.

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  • 2. Goals and Outcomes

    Outcomes are the consequences of a website visitors actions. Well thought out marketing goals can be aligned to outcomes. Outcomes can be measured and therefore improved.

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  • 3. Meaningful Information

    Better information means more confident decision making on marketing budget allocation, marketing strategy and tactics, and on and offline channel integration.

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  • 4. Building Better Marketing Tools

    Tools that are planned carefully, built correctly, managed effectively and reviewed regularly mean clear understanding of how those tools are working.

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  • 5. Objectives for Marketing Tactics

    KPI’s [key performance indicators] prove a channel’s worth over time. If it’s not working hard enough you know to review it, improve it or kill it.

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  • 6. Marketing Strategy Guided by Facts

    Banishing ‘Random acts of marketing’. Saved budget and resource should be reallocated to more deserving approaches (like those on your original marketing plan).

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  • 7. Automation, Integration and Consistency

    Better use of resource, channels working together, consistency of messages and the reduction of human error. These are the consequences of a well-thought-through marketing strategy.

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  • 8. Continual Testing and Education

    It’s our responsibility, our ‘duty of care’ to our clients, to be up to speed with each relevant new digital marketing approach. We do not believe in complacency.

    Check out our Digital Marketing Training Page

  • 9. Our Clients’ Customers

    Our priority is to help our clients’ customers find the information they need quickly and easily. Clear understanding and positioning of our clients’ products and services is a business fundamental.

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  • 10. Handing Back Control

    Why? Because in this day an age there are too many things to lose control of; marketing needn’t be one of them.

    Watch our Construction Marketing Case Study Videos

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