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The Construction Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing

This eBook is a handy guide for marketers within the construction industry who want to learn how to develop an effective, measurable content marketing strategy. Content marketing gives architects and specifiers the information they need to make better informed buying decisions. Delivering the right content to them at each stage of the specification and buying process is critical.

The ebook explains how you can use content to demonstrate your technical expertise, build trust and provide solutions for common problems experienced by architects and specifiers.

The Construction Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing The Construction Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing The Construction Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing

What is content marketing: an explanation of content marketing and why it is important for business.

How to develop a content strategy: turn your content into a valuable business asset by setting goals and developing your strategy around them.

What topics you can write about: tools and techniques for identifying what content your audience needs.

How to distribute your content: getting your content found through search engines and sharing it on various online channels.

Measuring your content marketing efforts: setting measurable goals to identify which types of content are working for your business.

“…let's get one thing straight, creating consistently good content is bloody hard work! This ebook helps reduce the stress involved as well as identifying the benefits of sticking at it…”

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