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What is Social Media?

For construction businesses, social media is used to interact with target audience members and share information via online media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin.

Why is it important to you?

Not only is social media great for SEO and link building –  it also helps to significantly boost your company’s brand awareness and online presence. Social media channels enable you to learn more about your target audience and connect with them on a more personal level, to improve customer service and provide ‘added value’ to your target audience.

What do we offer?

Our team will help to create a suitable and manageable social media strategy for your construction business. This will include research into what platforms your audience are currently engaging on, alongside a strategic calendar to help with the organisation of posts and updates. Our training on social media will also give you an insight into how each social media platform should be approached, including factors such as tone of voice, timings and engagement tactics.

Social Strategy

The creation of a refined social strategy tailored to target audience behaviours and business objectives.

Social Media Management

Managing regular social media interaction with key audience types, including message scheduling.

Social Media Social Media Social Media

What is content marketing: an explanation of content marketing and why it is important for business.

How to develop a content strategy: turn your content into a valuable business asset by setting goals and developing your strategy around them.

What topics you can write about: tools and techniques for identifying what content your audience needs.

How to distribute your content: getting your content found through search engines and sharing it on various online channels.

Measuring your content marketing efforts: setting measurable goals to identify which types of content are working for your business.

“…let's get one thing straight, creating consistently good content is bloody hard work! This ebook helps reduce the stress involved as well as identifying the benefits of sticking at it…”

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