Building and using Impactful Construction Marketing Personas – DECONSTRUCT

“If you aren’t using personas in your marketing endeavours, you are hampering your marketing.”

Digital Marketing Consultant Mark Kelly gave a thought-provoking presentation at our recent DECONSTRUCT event, covering the importance of persona creation in establishing a valuable, results-driven marketing strategy. Mark emphasises how they’re the bedrock of everything we as Construction Marketers manage, from content through to SEO, PPC and website pages.

Ultimately, if you don’t start with understanding your marketing personas, you’re limiting yourself from the offset.

In his presentation, Mark Kelly covers off exactly what he means by personas, why the effort is required and what effective persona creation entails.

Watch the full presentation below, or view the presentation slideshare. 



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Ebony Hutt

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Ebony Hutt is the Marketing Manager at Pauley Creative. Her aim is to ensure Pauley is recognised as an industry-leading construction marketing agency.

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