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Who we work with best

We bring deep expertise to three types of construction organisations.

Building Product Manufacturers

Family-run or owner-managed building product manufacturer businesses, typically with a turnover of between £5m and £50m


Medium to large-scale contractors looking to enhance their digital marketing strategy.

Membership Organisations

Public and government funded construction-related associations and organisations.

What we do

We build lead generation websites, specification tools, web applications and digital marketing strategies that drive online business opportunities for building product manufacturers, merchants, contractors and membership organisations within the construction industry.

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How we work, how long it takes and what it costs

We have honed a unique process that helps construction companies and building product manufacturers reach their business goals quicker. It’s called the Digital Profit Hunter. We use it find out everything about our clients current digital state before we make any marketing recommendations.

From the results we can create a digital marketing strategy that delivers:

Better Qualified Leads

Clearer Marketing Measurement

Targeted Positioning of Key Products

Broader Online Visibility

More Control of Your Website

Better Use of Internal Resource

Actionable Marketing Plans

Better Bottom Line (as a consequence of the above)


Our clients want tactical marketing recommendations based on fact, not gut-feel or creative fluff.

Our process removes the guess-work so we can confidently recommend the most effective tactical approaches, aligned to business goals, saving both time and money whilst delivering results quicker.

Stage 1

Diagnostics Leading to Strategic Recommendations

Research, Positioning, Strategy. Situational Analysis Leading to Strategic Recommendations.

2 – 5 Weeks | approx. £5k – £15k (Typical investment c£7k)

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Stage 2

Website Build, Tactic Tool Implementation

Design, Build & Integrate the Most Suitable Tactical Tools from recommendations in Phase 1.

3 – 9 Weeks | approx. £15k – £70k+

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Stage 3

Qualified Lead Generation, Targeted Campaigns and Lead Nurturing

Sharpen the Tactical Tools Against Key Performance Indicators. Nurture leads & Opportunities through an Online Sales Cycle. Review and Refine all Channels

Min 12 months | approx. £2k – £10K+ per month

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Call us on +44 (0) 1908 671707

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