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What is a content marketing strategy?

Content marketing is the ability to create & distribute valuable, engaging content to your construction audience. This is to attract them to your brand & encourage further interaction. The end goal is to ultimately drive quality traffic to your website, heighten brand awareness & create quality leads in line with your business goals.

Why is it important to you?

We all know the importance of content as being the cog behind your construction business. It represents your brand voice and personality, drives engagement to fuel the lead generation process, and helps to establish yourselves as thought leaders within the construction industry.

What do we offer?

Our content team will firstly establish the goals and requirements you wish to achieve from your content marketing strategy. This will follow with a thorough review of your existing content, alongside audience identification and current messaging style.

The results gathered from our gap analysis of existing content will help to determine the next steps. At this stage, more research may be required to enhance and refine your key customer personas, in order to ensure content creation is highly targeted towards the right people.

From research and with your objectives in mind, a content calendar will be created to establish strategic direction going forward. This will monitor content creation activity and distribution to ensure all deadlines are met on a month-by-month basis.

Content Marketing Strategy

The planning and development of a content strategy tailored to your marketing goals.


Content Production

The creation of written or visual assets to attract and engage your target market.

Content Optimisation

Structuring content to maximise your brands visibility within search engines.

Content Marketing Content Marketing Content Marketing

What is content marketing: an explanation of content marketing and why it is important for business.

How to develop a content strategy: turn your content into a valuable business asset by setting goals and developing your strategy around them.

What topics you can write about: tools and techniques for identifying what content your audience needs.

How to distribute your content: getting your content found through search engines and sharing it on various online channels.

Measuring your content marketing efforts: setting measurable goals to identify which types of content are working for your business.

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