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At Pauley Creative, we pride ourselves on doing construction PR differently.

If you’re still taking a “media first” approach to your construction PR, it’s time to think again. Is the media getting exclusive access to your content? This is one area that Pauley Creative differs. We make you the publishers of your content. Meaning your PR strategy isn’t a PR strategy at all, but a brand growth strategy using content and PR as a vehicle.

“The biggest thing that struck me with Pauley Creative’s approach to PR is that it just slotted into our overall marketing activity. They’ve re-educated us, and the way we’ve done things. From a PR perspective; we’re questioning what we do (a press release or case study) and what we want to get from it. Everything has a place and purpose and, even better, it’s all measurable. Pauley Creative flipped PR on its head for us… you don’t need a PR strategy, it is a powerful tactic in your integrated marketing strategy.”

Lizzie Wignall, Head of Marketing Communications, Saint Gobain Insulation.

The key difference between us and a traditional PR agency is we see PR as a tactic that sits in your communications strategy.


We don’t let your PR activity drive your content strategy. The reason we do this is to make sure you get the right content, to the right people, at the right time. We plan, coordinate & execute content production, SEO, the media and social media in an aligned approach. Most importantly, we measure exactly what is working and what is not.

Addressing PR in its silo means you forget about how it works with other channels, and working PR in conjunction with other channels will ensure you get more traffic, enquires, projects and revenue.

Why our approach to construction PR is better?

We join up your PR activity up with other channels like search, PPC, social and email to ensure you get the most impact for your budget. This joined-up approach means you have true consistency of messaging across all channels; one of today’s biggest marketing challenges. We use detailed and planning tracking technique, meaning we truly measure its impact, including the effects our efforts are having on website traffic, goal conversions and search performance.

Content strategy and creation

We know that a good content strategy will lead to your PR activity but also other tactics such as social media and email. We don’t just build a strategy and leave you to do the rest. We also help you plan exactly what content you should release to get the best results, and our team of writers will use their technical knowledge to ensure engaging content is created. We have vast amounts of experience producing case studies, news articles, blogs, whitepapers and everything in between!

“In essence, your clients content packages and ebulletins are outperforming our average by at least 50% per item which I can put down only to your expertise as an agency”

Richard Tomlin,

We’ll put your website at the centre of everything, and use a push/pull content marketing strategy to drive traffic & conversions.

Using PR as a construction marketing tactic

We start at your business objectives to understand exactly what you want to achieve, this will help establish the focus for your content strategy and PR activity. Our team of experts, who already have a wealth of PR & Construction experience, will be behind the scenes getting to know your business in detail. From your products to your competition, this knowledge will help ensure we position the right messages, to the right audience, in the right places, at the right time.

The Media – National, Local and Construction

We’ve been working in the industry for nearly 20 years. Over that time, we’ve built up relationships with the media across the breadth of the industry. Sometimes the hardest task can be getting your content placed. We can take the stress away from you & make sure you get placed in the right publications in print and online.

We’ll help you with Media Planning, Advertising Planning & Media Management and Relationships.

Awards Entries

Being recognised for your achievements can go a long way to build trust in your brand. We can help you make sure you make an award-winning entry to those awards you’ve been wanting to win the most.

Crisis Management Plan

Life isn’t always plain sailing so having a plan when a crisis happens, and an independent perspective, can ensure you weather the storm without too much collateral damage. We can help you create a crisis communications plan.

Delivering results from your construction PR

We mentioned that we do PR differently, and we are confident that we can deliver results that go further than the traditional PR metrics of Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE).

Did you know, award panels at the Chartered Institute of PR (CIPR) mark entries down if they see you’re measuring your PR using AVE. It must be time to move on with your metrics.

We measure your PR activity using; Share of voice (Brand Advertising / Total Marketing Advertising), Reach (Actual visibility across print and online), Response (Interaction with your content), Actions Generated (What people go on to do when they see your content (i.e. visit your website, download a resource, sign up to your blog), Return (Measure whether it has met your business objectives), and last but by no means least, Links (the links you have achieved to your website).

What we’ve achieved for our clients

For our client, John Brash, we delivered high quality, technically led content and strong media relations, combined with a performing website platform and search optimisation saw year on year growth of their online presence. Over 5 years, we delivered:

– Coverage across 25 different publications
– Published over 180 thought leadership, technical and FAQ articles
– Created over 100 case studies

Resulting in…


Contributing to an average uplift of 9% Year or Year turnover over 7 years.

Read what we’ve done for other clients here

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