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The Construction Marketers Guide to PPC – Part 2


This handy guide is for marketers within the construction industry who want to develop a profitable PPC strategy. In particular, this second edition focuses on implementing effective bidding strategies and measuring performance against KPI’s.

Ranking highly in search is becoming increasingly more competitive. Our guide helps you to implement effective bidding strategies for your paid search account in order to achieve your e-commerce goals. A summary of what to expect from the guide is below:

Implementing the right bidding strategy: There are two overarching bidding strategies to get your head around: manual or automated bidding. What's best for your construction business?

Types of manual and automated bidding: Choosing the right type of manual or automated bidding will enable you to refine your PPC campaigns.

Measuring the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns: You need to be able to measure your PPC objectives in the form of KPI's. These will be unique to your business and should be used to indicate your progress towards a desired goal.

"...One of the main aspects of what Pauley Creative have done for us is re-optimised our PPC account, re-energised it and focussed it on the e-commerce brand. We've got growth everywhere within the business..."

Ben Rumbelow - Marketing Manager - Glazing Vision and

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