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The use of QR codes and Hashtags in the Construction Industry

For all dedicated marketers, both in the construction industry and elsewhere, finding new ways of interacting and engaging with potential leads has always been a top priority.

And within this fast-moving digital world it becomes all the more important to find out which marketing strategies are most popular, and out of these, which will best ensure your brand gets heard.

This post will discuss the importance of QR codes and hashtags to the construction industry, and how they can be applied to your business in order to achieve the best results.

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How to use UTM Tags to Measure Construction Marketing and PR Activity

In this post, we’ll cover how building product manufacturers can measure the results of marketing media (on and offline) and PR activity with UTM tags.

A function that will help you to do more with the trade publication titles and websites that work best for your product.

At Pauley Creative, we’re responsible for showing results to our clients (proving our worth) and as such we are big on measuring marketing campaigns we’re involved in and even those we’re not.

In our view every strategic marketing campaign carried out (by our clients) should be analysed, scrutinised, reviewed, and improved…

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Sharing our Net Promoter Score Results

So I am two months in and my first task of finding out our Net Promoter Score [NPS] is complete.

My name is Steph and I am the newest recruit to the Pauley Creative team. My role within Pauley creative is Accounts Manager, it is my job to ensure all our customers are happy and to make sure the level of service we provide is the best it can be. So finding out our NPS was a good starting point.Read More

New Google Analytics Reports – Acquisition, Behaviour & Conversions

If you’ve logged into Google Analytics this morning you’ll no doubt be seeing the new reports on the left hand side: Acquisition and Behaviour.

Acquisition section replaces the Traffic Sources section along with two new additional reports – Overview and Channels reports.

Google Analytics Acquisition Report

The Behaviour section replaces the Content section but still contains the same reports as before.Read More

CIMCIG presentation: 10 things to do and check in Google Analytics

Yesterday we were kindly invited to speak at the CIMCIG Digital Marketing Seminar at the Building Centre in London. It was a well attended seminar with a good mix of construction companies and people at all levels within their own respective businesses.

We decided to talk about Google Analytics for one reason. We have noticed a massive rise in marketers interested in this area over the last 4-6 months so felt it was necessary to focus on something which is new for many marketers within the construction industry.Read More

Using Google Analytics to tell you which Architects and Contractors have used your website

If you are a product manufacturer then you’ll be targeting Architects and Contractors in the main and be marketing to them through a variety of campaigns and channels.

What I like to do for clients is to show them which specific Architects and Contractors they have increased awareness, engagement or even goals (registrations, downloads, sign ups, enquiries etc) by using Google Analytics:Read More

Does your on-site search help Specifiers find what they want?

Google Analyics have just produced a very entertaining video to show what Google Analytics is like in real life.

The video is aimed at e-commerce businesses but there is no reason why this video also contains a message for us marketers in the construction specification market. Can the specifiers who visit  your website find what they want? What are they searching for when they hit your site?Read More

Why you will see an increase in direct traffic from mobiles in Google Analytics

Some of you will be keeping a close eye on mobile traffic through to your websites and noticing that the number is constantly increasing month on month, year on year. No doubt, majority of your mobile traffic will be coming from the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad.

Some of you may also dig a bit deeper to analyse where this mobile traffic is coming from (sources) so that you can see which sources to improve or add more resources to. With the launch of iOS6, the iPhones default browser, Safari, now uses Googles secure search (SSL) meaning the keyword or search phrases no longer pass through to analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

The refferer data is also missing which means if you are analysing the sources of mobile traffic you may start to see a dip in traffic sent via Google. Secure search is the reason why you are seeing (not provided) in your keyword report – it is people searching on Google who are logged into their Google accounts.Read More

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