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Analysing Assisted Conversions and Conversion Paths in Google Analytics

Many marketers struggle to identify which sources of traffic are most effective when it comes to converting web visitors into leads. Setting up Goals in Google Analytics for events such as downloads, registrations, subscriptions or enquiry submissions is the first step in working out which sources of traffic, and which campaigns, are most effective.

A few weeks back I decided to use one of our clients’ high volume traffic websites to test the new Assisted Conversion and Conversion Paths reports in Google Analytics V5 for a 4 week period. Assisted conversions in Google Analytics identifies which sources of traffic played a part in converting a visitor into a lead. This is an important report for identifying which sources of traffic are helping in converting visitors. Here is what the Assisted Conversion path report looks like:

Assisted Conversions

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Measure what matters with Google Analytics

In this digital world we are overwhelmed with large amounts of data, some of it useful and some not so much. The big problem with data is that many people do not know what to look for. Insights can only be developed when data is properly analysed against business goals and objectives. Why are you wasting time looking at reports if you have nothing to compare them to or benchmark them against? How will you know if you are succeeding? Reporting just website views or page clicks doesn’t tell you anything about how it’s helping to grow the business and increase profits. Marketers need to work harder at reporting outcomes not just observations.Read More

Importance of benchmarking before adding social media to your mix

So you have decided that you are going to add social media to your marketing mix. You have decided that you are going to launch a corporate blog, start a company Twitter profile, create and join a few LinkedIn groups and then have a lovely looking Facebook page with all your corporate info on. Heck, you might even re-design your website whilst your at it right?

But have you benchmarked your existing online and offline marketing activities before you jump onto the social media bandwagon? Do you know how your current marketing activities are performing in order to identify success later on? In fact, what will your success look like in 12 months time?

Benchmarking is crucial

Conducting a benchmarking audit is crucial for any marketing department before starting on long term commitments like social media marketing. Knowing how your website is performing and its conversion rates, knowing which brochures are most downloaded or requested, knowing how many times your company has been mentioned online, finding out how many pages in your website are indexed and where they rank in Google and knowing how visitors use your website are all ‘must knows’ in order to be able to measure any improvement over time. Read More

Analysing the impact of our Social Media E-book

UPDATE (02/06/11): We are now approaching nearly 400 downloads since the launch of the ebook. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the ebook.

It’s been over a week since we launched our Guide to Social Media Marketing for Construction Marketers ebook and thought it would be good to show the results we achieved from publishing this ebook. The total number of downloads stands at a whopping 217!!!! Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and shared the ebook with others.

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Measuring Your Online Construction Marketing Campaign Performance

For savvy construction marketers, tracking and measuring marketing campaign performance is not just important, it’s absolutely fundamental.

This post was originally created in 2011 and was recently updated in November 2014

The insight gleaned is invaluable in guiding current and future marketing decisions and should ultimately govern the allocation of your marketing spend.

In this post we’ll show you how to use the Google Url Builder to measure the effectiveness of all your online marketing channels through Google Analytics (other analytics software are available).

You’ll learn how to Structure and name your campaigns. How to tag email, adwords and banner ad campaigns. We’ll show you how to tag Twitter campaigns and track offline campaigns too.

We’ll also show you how to analyse your campaign data in Google analytics and how to measure goals.

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10 ways construction companies can use QR codes

This post was updated in 2015.

Developments in technology, especially web and mobile, have changed the way we engage with each other as well as with places and objects around us. A few years ago we were all tied to our desktop computers and now there is an ever increasing amount of technology allowing us to be mobile and plugged into the Internet wherever we are, thanks to smartphones and tablets like the iPad. New figures show that smartphones now account for 64% of all phones sold in the UK. Nielsen also predicted last year that smartphones will be the dominant device by the end of 2011, so there certainly is a reason to be taking this area more seriously. Opportunities to connect the physical world with the digital one are therefore great and construction companies can learn to use QR codes to their advantage.Read More

CIMCIG Digital Marketing Workshop Presentation – Measure what matters

We recently presented at the CIMCIG Digital Marketing Workshop in London about measuring what really matters to your bosses and directors .

The presentation focused on what construction marketers should be measuring if the aim of your marketing is lead generation. Your website is and should be the heart of your digital marketing strategy and it is a lead conversion tool – but is it doing its job? How do you know your marketing activities are working if you are not measuring leads by source or campaign?

Lead generation and conversion is an important marketing and business goal, so are you measuring how your website is performing? How many leads is your website generating and how many of them are converted into prospects? Which campaigns are working better than others? Where are you spending most of your budget and is it generating you leads? How can you reduce your spend yet increase conversions or generate good qualified leads?

Some marketers only report metrics such as visits and page views which doesn’t tell you anything. Marketers should instead report results and outcomes, not observations. Measure what matters!

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