How SEO and E-mail can work together to generate leads

I’ve just been going through some of our clients Analytics data and discovered this particular interesting conversion path in Google Analytics. For those not familiar with conversion paths then read here. In a nutshell, a conversion path shows you the path with all the different mediums used prior to converting into leads or customers.


So what does this path tell us about SEO and EMail?

So starting from the top, this particular visit started off as a direct visit, may have been referred to by someone.

The next visit was a result of Googling for something using a non-brand related keyword such as ‘timber decking for XXXX’. This is where SEO helps.

The visitor then returns direct again. What he/she saw must have been good enough to come back direct.

This pattern happens some more.

Then, this particular lead receives an email (shown in red) which he/she clicks through.

At this point we see a change in pattern – now we see a change in behaviour. Now the visitor returns to site after Googling for branded search terms such as the company name or branded products. So we’ve gone from unaware to aware.

A few more email visits are recorded.

Some more branded searches are conducted. Looks like the visitor is warming up nicely.

And then finally, the lead converts in to an enquiry as a result of one final visit via a promo email.


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