Using Google Analytics to tell you which Architects and Contractors have used your website

If you are a product manufacturer then you’ll be targeting Architects and Contractors in the main and be marketing to them through a variety of campaigns and channels.

What I like to do for clients is to show them which specific Architects and Contractors they have increased awareness, engagement or even goals (registrations, downloads, sign ups, enquiries etc) by using Google Analytics:

Here’s what it looks like (examples):

Marketing campaign to promote our website and CAD/BIM drawings to Kier Group:

Note: I am showing you two dates, same period year before to really get a good idea if a campaign has worked and had an impact.

So you’ve managed to get 580% more visitors to the website from Kier than you did same time previous year. Now you can segment this data and see how many downloaded CAD details or BIM details.

Well done!!

Marketing campaign aimed at Local Authorities to promote a regional seminar:

Now we have this data, we can go onto see if these visitors went onto register for the events and what pages of the website or blog they viewed.

SEO campaign to generate traffic for more bridge repair projects:

Note: Above image shows the company/org and the keyword used as a secondary dimension within the Google Analytics report.

Brand awareness campaign aimed at Architects:

So your 12 month marketing campaign to generate awareness amongst a set audience such as commercial architects has drove traffic and now you can drill deeper to find out how many converted into sign ups, registrations, downloads or enquiries.

And then the bad….

You can also use Google Analytics to tell you which Architects or Consultancies considered your website useful previously that no longer do today. You could look to try and reignite some relationships are Arup in the example below:

What can you do above the above with this particular organistion? It could be any organisation. Could you create some content aimed at them? Create a resource area?

Integration is key to successful marketing

Of course, but to get the most out of direct marketing you also have to think about multi-channels and integration How does your audience move through various stages of the specification process and then convert into an enquiry via the website?

The below image shows you the path one visitor took over a period of time before they submitted an enquiry via the website, starting off with a direct visit (brochure, recommendation, business card) through to SEO then email and then brand recognition and familiarity:

Powerful stuff no?


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  1. Su Butcher (@SuButcher)

    Very interesting Pritesh, but how can you tell from Google analytics which visitors are coming from Kier and which are coming from Fraser Brown MacKenna architects?


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