Construction Marketing Insights gained from Ecobuild 2017


As Ecobuild draws to a close for another year, it’s time for construction businesses to sit down and evaluate the success of the show. Typically, this will involve measuring how many leads they acquired and what type of feedback was received, in order to shape business strategies and marketing planning going forward.

This year, we carried out a range of interviews to gain an insight into how construction companies are benefiting from event marketing, to help you make the right decisions for your own business.

Is event marketing even worth the cost – or if you’re a regular exhibitor – which marketing tactics can you employ next year to stand out from the crowd?

We also interviewed Managing Director of Ecobuild Martin Hurn, who gave us an insight into his thoughts on the show this year and the exciting plans for the exhibition moving forward.

For us at Pauley Creative, the interviews demonstrated the popularity and ever-growing interest with social media and email marketing in the construction industry, to engage with key audience types on a more personal level. In particular, Instagram marketing is something that a few construction businesses are starting to experiment with (check out my post here for more information).

It also quickly became apparent that construction businesses are becoming more aware of the impact of digital marketing and how they need to expand their knowledge in order to stay ahead of competitors. It was great to see a few implementing virtual reality and video into their exhibition stands to create a personal, hands-on and memorable experience for their visitors.

However face-to-face marketing still remains a popular choice for many construction marketers when it comes to gaining leads for their business, through building a good reputation and trusting relationship. Whilst this seems to remain a successful tactic for the industry, it’s also important to create a succinct, unified strategy that combines a range of online and offline marketing tactics. Jonathan Stock, Publishing Director at Architecture Today, touches on this in more detail in his interview.

Whilst many companies we interviewed chose to market their product or services slightly differently, and had different views on what they thought worked well, what remains crucial to success is having a strategic plan in place from start to finish.

What will work best to attract the right audience and most importantly, what will you do with the information retrieved once the event has come to an end?

Have a browse of the interviews below…


Martin Hurn, Managing Director of Ecobuild, shared his thoughts on the event this year and and discussed the exciting plans that lie ahead.

>>Watch the full interview<<



Jonathan Stock at Architecture Today 
discusses the changes to Ecobuild over the years and what it means for construction marketers.

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Lizzie Seaton at Celotex showcases their new rafter track solution & emphasises the importance of measuring the ROI of events.

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Stewart Pierce at Parker Building Supplies emphasises the importance of using events to build upon knowledge.

>>Watch the full interview<<


interview-with-bauder-ecobuild-2017Nigel Blacklock at Bauder discusses how they’re making the most of all information retrieved from the stand.

>>Watch the full interview<<



John Newcomb at BMF gives us an insight into the exciting changes happening within BMF this year.

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Paul Larnach at CDI-ICM discusses their brand new energy efficient product Lewis Deck and shares with us his views on the effectiveness of digital marketing.

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Ian and Terry revealed the launch of their new monitoring solution Nanobend, and spoke to us about the cost-effectiveness of attending an event such as Ecobuild.

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Steve Boyer also touches upon the marketing tactics Marsh Industries have employed this year and the importance of getting to know your audience on a personal level.

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Graham Wilde touches upon the importance of such exhibitions to grow product awareness and encourage key prospects including architects, builders and specifiers.

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Roger Critchley, Managing Director at Addagrip Terraco Ltd shared with us their top tips for other Construction Marketers considering event marketing.

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Being an eco-focused product, Ecobuild was the perfect exhibition for 3Thermo to introduce it to their target market.

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