Make your Building Products Popular using these 6 Simple Steps [Slideshare]


There is a very real pressure on construction marketers to create compelling, relevant and useful content that promotes building products to the right audiences, in the right way.

It’s hard enough to know what to plan and to create, let alone who’ll be involved and where your content will end up.

The process can be overwhelming:

What makes your premium building products really stand out?

Who are we really targeting?

Is your ‘green’ product really more sustainable than the competitions?

Should the focus be on brand, product performance or application?

Where’s best to target the new building products – online, offline or both?

To help with brainstorming, the team at Pauley Creative has put together 6 basic considerations to get the process started.

There’s likely to be at least one action off this list that you haven’t yet considered…

  • Social Currency – providing the right type of content (or engagement strategy) to encourage social interaction.
  • Triggers – What will keep audiences thinking about your brand and products even once they’ve become a lead?
  • Emotions – If your products create an inspirational or aspirational feeling, your content should play to that strength.
  • Public – If your product is visible to others once installed, how can that be leveraged? And what happens if they’re not visible?
  • Practical Value – Does your reputation, website functionality or content make a specifier’s everyday life that little bit easier?
  • Stories and brand building – Are you developing a strong, positive reputation around your products by creating intrigue or desire?

The below slide share explores these principles in more detail and within the context of marketing building products to specifiers within the construction industry:


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James Necek

About James Necek

Passionate about the power of the written word, James has spent many years honing his skills and talent to deliver creative and technical content for various clients in the construction and automotive industries. Having recently joined the Pauley Creative team this year, it’s James’ role to ensure content is managed for our clients on a daily basis.

2 Responses to “Make your Building Products Popular using these 6 Simple Steps [Slideshare]”

  1. Martin

    Wow some fantastic ideas for the builders as making products popular can be quite a struggle for builders with not that much marketing experience but just the knowledge of the product. But the ideas you have given are great and useful. I would like to see some of the results post application of these methods.
    Here at Trobs we works with people in the industry and they suffer from this issue and they would love to read this.

    • Kayley Bright

      Thanks Martin, really appreciate your feedback and glad you found the slideshare useful! I agree that it can be particularly difficult to think of refreshing ways to market a building product, and knowing what will appeal the most to your construction audience. We’ll certainly look into creating a blog post analyzing the results of each method 🙂 In the mean time do let us know if you need any further information from us! We have a range of eBooks here that you may find useful too –


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