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The Construction Marketer’s Guide to Social Media

This E-Book is a handy guide for marketers within the construction industry who are developing campaigns using social media platforms, and would like some guidance on how to implement social media strategies that will help achieve business goals. Find out how to formulate and implement an effective social media plan that is measurable and integrates with your existing marketing mix.

The Construction Marketer’s Guide to Social Media The Construction Marketer’s Guide to Social Media The Construction Marketer’s Guide to Social Media

Blogs: increase quality website traffic and educate your audience with authoritive articles

Online Video: improve your search engine rankings with the use of online video

Twitter: find your audience then engage and share valuable content to build trust and credibility

LinkedIn: expand your network base and create communities that share your business interests

Facebook: increase brand awareness and share recruitment opportunities

Google+: optimise your website pages for search

Pinterest: use visual marketing to attract your target audience

Integrating online & offline activities: bring it all together and formulate an integrated marketing strategy

“…Full of relevant information that I can take back with me and apply to our business. I will definitely be recommending this ebook to colleagues in my office…”

Product Manager

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