What if your key audience on Twitter use it the most after 7pm? Who’s at work at 7pm?

So you have identified the need for your company to be on Twitter and will be at an advantage over competitors if you jump onto Twitter before they do. Let’s assume you have done your homework and identified that there is a large audience, one which you want to communicate with, already on Twitter and seem to be quite active. Let’s also assume that you have taken the necessary steps to give the control of the corporate Twitter account to the right person within the business. We’re not talking about personal accounts or profiles here, we’re talking about company accounts and profiles.

Here’s the big one.

What if your key audience is most active on Twitter, and most likely to be responsive to your communication, after 7pm!

What is expected from the person controlling the corporate twitter account whose objective it is to engage with Architects, get involved and raise brand awareness? Is the Marketing Manager or the Marketing Assistant expected to tweet on behalf of the company after 7pm out of work hours? Or at weekends when Architects are most likely to be engaging and getting involved in chats and conversations which could be about you or your products.

After all, you can’t just tweet on Friday’s between 2-4pm. Twitter and all social channels are on 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week.

If we take a look at a few stats (using Tweetstats) from Architects who are in the top 10 of UK Architects on Twitter (rated by influence score) we see the below numbers for volume of tweets by the hour:


An environmental/architecture tweeter


Architect who tweets about Paassivhaus and BIM


An architectural practice


Another popular Architects stats

Spot the pattern that’s emerging here?

This is only 4 out of the top 10 who I have decided to check the stats for. I have not included names as I have not asked for permission. I admit, there were a couple that tweet in large volumes between 9-5pm but thy don’t just stop at 5pm like you may do for your brand profile.

So my question to you, the marketer within the building products company who finished work at 5pm, is this. You and your brand are on Twitter right wanting to reach out to Architects right? What are you doing to engage with the Architects who emerge after 7pm?

Over to you.



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