3 reasons why building product manufacturers need to take note of #socialspec

Recently launched #socialspec invites crowdsourced specification recommendations through social channels (mainly Twitter at the moment).

The guys over at Specifiedby product directory have come up with this fantastic idea where Architects and Specifiers can tweet the @socialspec Twitter account with a specific product requirement and @socialspec will in turn ask their followers for any recommendations.

This is online word of mouth at its best.

Here’s an example of how it works:

And then another response comes in…

Why should building product manufacturers stand up and take note?

TIP: If your company is not currently using Twitter for marketing, networking or listening then today might be a good idea to at least just set up a profile and follow/listen to the #socialspec Twitter stream.

So, here are my quick 3 reasons why building product manufacturers need to take note of #socialspec

1. Big brands vs Small brands – it’s a level playing field

This opens up the opportunity for smaller, lesser known brands to get in on the action by following and getting involved with the #socialspec Twitter stream. Listen out for any relevant or related requests to your offering and join the conversation. Be ready to take the conversation offline too. If you’re a small brand with a small budget then social media could be right for you and just as powerful as those full page ads in magazines (which end up in the round filing cabinet kept under desks after a week anyway).

It’s also a great way to find out who is recommending your brand or your products (using social media for listening). You don’t need a massive marketing budget to join Twitter.

TIP: If someone does recommend your brand or products, be ready to thank them.

2. A social recommendation will usually result in finding & browsing your website

Take the above example where Neil has a specific product he’s after and @econekt has come back with a recommendation, in this case CWS. Pretty sure the first thing Neil will have done is Googled the company and then viewed their website. How does it look? Is it packed full of useful technical content which adds value or is it a typical website which just focuses on how great you are?

TIP: This is where blogs containing useful, helpful technical content can help & reassure someone like Neil that you are the right company to be talking to.

3. Supply chain involvement & collaboration

As #socialspec grows in popularity I can see lots of companies (building owners, facilities management companies, manufacturers, consultancies, authorities, media, contractors, merchants) and people (architects, engineers, designers, marketers, sales, technical) at all levels getting involved (or quietly listening) in joining in the conversation as the requests come in. Who will help who? Who will recommend who?

It’s early days but this has the legs to be massive!

Socialspec has only just launched and I encourage all marketers to follow what’s happening – there are lots of people already getting involved globally who love the idea and I am sure will support it fully. Find out more here about how it work in detail: http://blog.specifiedby.com/introducing-social-specification-socialspec/

For the first time in ages, I’m pretty excited about this. Well done Darren and Craig Sewell (Cubicle Centre) for getting this started.

Feel free to leave a comment below with your views, ideas and thoughts.

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