Architect’s Journal to publish Top 100 influential UK architects on Twitter

In April 2011 Construction News published the tCn top 100 list of influential tweeters in the UK built environment and received a great response. It’s part of an initiative to help industry individuals and organisations understand, embrace and utilise the power of digital media. PeerIndex was used to rank Twitter users based on how influential they are and we’re very happy to be one of the only agencies included.

Next in the #tcntop100 series is an attempt to identify influential tweeters in UK architecture. The final #AJtCn100 list will be published in the Architect’s Journal (AJ) and further information explaining how users can get involved will be available via the AJ (online and in print) on Thursday the 9th of June.

**UPDATE** Here is the published list of the top 100 UK Architects on Twitter.

There will be a 3 week nomination period where you can nominate fellow architects and architectural practices, using the hashtag #AJtCn100, that you think should be included in this list. You can also nominate yourself of course! Thereafter the list will be published in the AJ along with an analysis and commentary from all of those involved.

For more information, visit the tCn Blog.

What are your thoughts on this new list? Will it help promote architects and make them become more ‘social’? Is it going to be used as a platform to share ideas, discuss industry issues and have interesting debates? Or will tweeters be tempted to use it solely for self-promotional purposes? Leave a comment and let us know.



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