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Analysing the impact of our Social Media E-book

UPDATE (02/06/11): We are now approaching nearly 400 downloads since the launch of the ebook. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the ebook.

It’s been over a week since we launched our Guide to Social Media Marketing for Construction Marketers ebook and thought it would be good to show the results we achieved from publishing this ebook. The total number of downloads stands at a whopping 217!!!! Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and shared the ebook with others.

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Top 100 influential tweeters in the UK built environment & construction industry

So the long anticipated wait for the tCn top 100 influential tweeters in the built environment has been published on Construction News today. We are very chuffed to be ranked 30th in the list, and be one of the only agencies who ‘made the cut’. A big well done and congratulations to everyone. Happy tweeting!

You can view the list here:


A list of UK Architects on Twitter

For many construction marketers who are creating social media plans or are already participating in social media, their first task should have been to find out whether their audience is using Twitter (or not) as a communication tool. If they are, then there is potential to engage with this audience and achieve valuable business goals such as lead generation, brand awareness, relationship development, research and general networking.

So how do you go about finding your audience?

I came across this handy tool the other day called Follower Wonk. It basically allows you to find Twitter users by searching for keywords within their biographies. Most professionals’ bios contain their job title, who they work for or which industry they work in.

So to help product manufacturers to kick start their social media campaigns, we have created a list of Architects within the UK on Twitter using Follower Wonk.

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The #Ecobuild hashtag provides a unique Marketing Opportunity

Ecobuild is one of the largest events for the construction industry and the build environment. With more than 1,300 exhibitors, 750 speakers and 50,000 visitors expected over the three-days event focusing on the sectors biggest challenge: creating a sustainable build environment. This blog posts looks at the marketing opportunities created by such a huge event and how the #ecobuild hashtag can be used to connect with exhibitors, fellow visitors, speakers and allow those not able to attend a chance to ‘get a piece of the action’.

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A week in the life of a Specification Manager using Social Media

Meet Steve. He is the new Specification Manager for a company that manufactures and supplies rainwater harvesting systems for the commercial sector. Steve has just started using social media to connect with specific audiences online and his objective is to tap in to those Architects and Designers who communicate online and don’t respond to his emails or cold calls. We take a look at how he is getting on……..

MONDAY 4th JUNE 2011

8.47am – Got into work, started searching for some Architects on Twitter using the Twibes website. Very interesting, found a large group of Architects and then some smaller niche architects who specialise in specific areas of design and architecture. I found the category ‘Environmental Architects’ which has about 150 architects within the group, or ‘Twibes’ as they call themselves. Maybe they are the ones I should follow. Give it a try.Read More

5 ways construction companies can use Twitter for business

Twitter is becoming one of the most talked about social media tools. It provides a platform for businesses to connect with each other as well as with industry professionals. By listening and engaging in conversations and also creating and sharing content, construction companies can form long-term relationships, increase brand awareness and establish their presence in the social media world.

Construction companies need to ‘get in on the action’ to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace so I have compiled a list of the top 5 ways Twitter can be used for business.Read More