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How to use Showcase Pages on LinkedIn for Effective Online Marketing

LinkedIn is known as a valuable networking tool to most businesses; it serves as a platform for building successful relationships online which in turn can lead to exciting business opportunities. Ultimately, the more you communicate with your network, the more they’ll communicate with you.

However many have jumped onto the social media bandwagon without fully understanding how LinkedIn can also directly benefit marketing objectives and brand culture.

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How are the Top UK Contractors using Social Media Marketing in 2015?

UPDATE – for the latest social media research, view our 2018 posts on how the top contractors are now using Instagram, Twitter, and Google Plus.

For the past few years, we’ve carried out an analysis of how the top main contractors in the UK are using social media to connect with their target audience.

This post will recap on our research from 2014, using the same construction companies reviewed in our previous post in order to analyse their progression (or digression) from the world of social today.

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5 More Reasons Why Construction Marketers Should Be Blogging

We are always flogging the virtues of building credibility online to construction markers and the product manufacturers they work for. We discussed 5 reasons why construction companies should be blogging a while back now and that advice is still 100% relevant and appropriate today.

To give a brief overview, those 5 massively important reasons included…

  1. To Show your Technical Expertise
  2. To Prove Industry Leadership
  3. To Voice Opinions on Recent or Upcoming Legislations and Regulations Changes
  4. To Provide Answers to Common Questions
  5. To Support the Reach and Measurement of your Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing constantly moves on but these points are just as crucial now to achieving your business goals as they ever were.

This post aims to provide you with even more ammunition to take to the purse holders as to why your construction business should be blogging.

Proving your technical expertise and industry knowledge by being helpful and relevant is massively important, now more than ever.

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The use of QR codes and Hashtags in the Construction Industry

For all dedicated marketers, both in the construction industry and elsewhere, finding new ways of interacting and engaging with potential leads has always been a top priority.

And within this fast-moving digital world it becomes all the more important to find out which marketing strategies are most popular, and out of these, which will best ensure your brand gets heard.

This post will discuss the importance of QR codes and hashtags to the construction industry, and how they can be applied to your business in order to achieve the best results.

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How NOT to write a Google+ Post For Search Engines

A bit of a quick confession post this.

Having just learnt an important lesson about posting in Google+ I thought I’d share it with you.

You will all enjoy your weekends that little bit more believe me…

Whilst checking various search terms like “Pauley Creative Marketing” in various different search engines I came across a result that I didn’t expect.

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The 7 Quick Optimisation Rules for Construction Companies Using Google+

Last year, at the launch of Google+ we spent some time looking at the features and the potential of the new social media platform and how it can be best utilized for business. We also took a look at what Google+ is able to teach marketers about segmentation.

As the popularity of the site grows, the SEO benefits of Google+ have become a hot topic amongst its ever-increasing number of users. According to Dustin W. Stout, Google+ now have more active users than any other social media site outside of Facebook. That’s pretty impressive for a platform created less than a year ago.

Many of the Google+ users now want to understand how the platform can help with them with their SEO efforts and how they can implement a Google+ SEO strategy.

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How the Top UK Construction Companies are Using Social Media Marketing in 2014

Read our 2015 update of this post here.

In June 2010 and 2011 we carried out an analysis of how the top 15 construction companies in the UK were using social media to connect with their audience online.

Although some growth in the use of social media and its execution were obvious between 2010 and 2011 many of the key players in construction were still to fully engage with their online audience. Some of those were yet to occupy any kind of presence online outside of their website. Whilst a critical aspect of marketing for any business is a well designed website, when used in isolation a website does not allow the customer to engage [with the company] in the way that they [the savvy online audience] are fast becoming accustomed.Read More

3 Years on….How construction companies are using social media?

Way back in June 2010 we carried out an analysis of how the top 15 construction companies in the UK were using social media to connect with their audience online, we then carried out the same analysis in November 2011. 3 years on, social media is now the main hub for discussion and interaction, the uptake of companies using social networking has grown enormously so how are the top 15 Construction Companies using social media in 2013!? I have used the same Construction Index as previously, that publishes an annual list, ranking UK construction companies according to turnover so again I have picked the top 15 construction companies of 2013 for my analysis.

The first notable change over the past three years is that the majority of these multi-million companies have jumped onto the social media wagon and are now using the top 3 platforms out there, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. All but one of the top 15 Construction Companies have a presence on Twitter and are regularly tweeting about Company and Industry News. Despite this, only half of these companies seem to be interacting with their followers, Why is this important? Social media channels can be used as a conversational tool to connect with members of the supply chain and your target audience, conducting research or just interacting with other people within the construction industry and having interesting discussions.

You only have to look at Balfour Beatty’s twitter following to know they are clearly doing a good job. With nearly 17,000 followers Balfour Beatty use their Twitter page to not only shout about recent projects and winning tenders but to also interact with their followers by answering questions and responding to any issues that have been raised. It is not only Twitter that Balfour Beatty have a big presence on, both their LinkedIn group and Facebook group have a massive following, making Balfour Beatty not only top of the Construction Companies but top of the Social Media table…see the link!

When compared to the previous 2011 analysis, only 3 of the top 15 companies even had a twitter profile let alone used this tool to interact with their followers. This shows………

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