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How to use Google Hangouts to Strengthen and Grow your Construction Business

Our recent social media post showed that despite 85% of construction companies now on Google+ in comparison to 50% in 2014, less than half are yet to share a single post. And out of the 6 that are using it to an extent, including Kier Group, Mitie Group and Willmott Dixon, how many know how to sufficiently use the platform and its tools to their own advantage?

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How to use Facebook as an Online Construction Marketing Tool

Facebook marketing in the construction industry is typically a subject that is ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ about; we all know how successful the social platform has been, but the big question is, can you use the platform to market your construction products effectively?

Our recent social media post suggests that there is a slight decline in the amount of construction marketers opting to use Facebook as part of their social strategy; it also shows that some large construction company’s have even chosen to remove their official Facebook pages, leaving Wikipedia to supply limited information to their online audience.

Does this trend simply reflect a lack of knowledge throughout the construction industry with regards to the social media platform?

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