MDi TV Episode 8 – How search engines use social signals as one of its ranking factors

Welcome to the latest episode of MDi TV. This week Pritesh explains how search engines use social signals to determine which websites or web pages to rank highly within search engine results pages. The key take away from this is that whilst this isn’t just about a link from Twitter or Facebook pointing to your website, it’s more about producing quality content and then allowing your website visitors to share that content within social networking sites. The more social shares your content has and authority is built, the stronger the signal to Google that this content is of quality and is shared by authoritative people online (influencers) and should rank higher within search engines.

Social sharing is also a great way of acquiring quality links back to your content, web page or website as other bloggers and websites start referencing your material within their blogs, articles and news feeds. For example, a blog post we wrote back in 2010 still brings in as much traffic to our site than all of our other blog posts combined and has the same page authority score as our website purely from the volume of social shares, quality and relevant links generated and the increase in domain authority. It might also be worth checking out Episode 6 on Link Building.

Whilst social signals are only just one ranking factor, it is important to make sure that web pages and content are marked up with relevant page titles, descriptions tags and the content is of quality.


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