MDi TV – Ecobuild 2012 Round Up

As the sun sets on Ecobuild for yet another year we can only now take a look at some of the good uses of digital marketing and new technologies we spotted during our visit to the 3 day show. It was good to see an increase in the number of stands displaying some sort of online social element be it Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and testing new ways of getting people online or interacting through the use of QR Codes whilst at the show. We also noticed an increase in the number of exhibitors using iPads and mobile devices on stands which I can only assume was either a tactic to keep people on the stand or be able to show visitors the other ranges of products which were not on display. We did spot a dozen or so stands with QR codes but only a few codes we scanned led to a mobile friendly website which still backs up my theory that marketers are still only thinking about the first hurdle, not the next which what the website will look like on a mobile device and whether or not the viewer will be able to perform the actions you want them to take.

This video is a round up of our visit to Ecobuild where we will show you some of the good uses of digital marketing we spotted during our visit.

We also conducted interviews with exhibitors to get their opinions and feedback on how they have used social media channels to generate interest in the run up to the show and during the show which will be posted up on our You Tube channel during the course of this week so be sure to check them out.

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