Why we’re saying ‘No’ to any more new clients.

Runners and triathletes use the term ‘Tempo training’ or ‘Threshold’ to describe a ‘comfortably hard’ training effort.

Right now, Pauley Creative is at threshold. We’re in the zone. Working ‘comfortably hard’, and we’re loving it.

To take on another new client, whatever the opportunity, would tip the balance.

It may seem counter intuitive to turn business away, fool hardy even, and yet, the decision is easy.

This week we closed the door behind our last new client of 2015…

They are an ambitious building product manufacturer, based in Bristol, with an inspirational CEO and a fired-up senior management team.

It’s a fantastic time for us, as well as our clients.

So, why on earth would we broadcast that we don’t want any more new customers? Especially during the busiest time of the year in an industry that is positively booming?

Good question.

The answer may surprise you.

We’ve tended to work with between 8 and 12 ‘good fit’ construction businesses, on a retained basis, every year for the last 5 or 6 years.

We typically see that number increase incrementally as our own internal capacity grows.

Those ‘good fit’ businesses tend to have a budget of between £30k and £150k in marketing spend per year.

During the course of 12 months, two, three, possibly even four engagements come to a natural end.

We then have the capacity to take on three or four more assignments.

This year we’ve hit our target number quicker than we ever have before.

The timing isn’t great, we realise that.

It’s a time when construction businesses are thinking about their plans for the new year. They’re starting to talk to new agencies, suppliers and generally considering their options.

Historically, we’ve found the majority of our own new business comes to us around this time and we obviously risk losing out in the coming months.

We clearly don’t want to people to think the door is closed permanently.

So, here’s the thing.

If you’d like to book a time to talk to us in January we’d love to talk to you. Once you’ve got your foot in the door, you’ll work out quite quickly if there’s a good fit. You probably know already.

We think Pauley Creative has a pretty special niche and it takes time and space to stay on top of the new technologies and best practices within the digital space.

We’re grateful that we work with ambitious, forward thinking, clever people. Learning from them everyday.

Learning time is massively important to us. For us to be able to teach them good stuff in return.

That’s why we’ll get paid after all. For the value we add.

If you’d like to book time with us in the new year please fill out the form on our digital marketing strategy page or just email or call Nick on 01908 671707.

Thank you to all our construction clients past and present. Good luck with your digital marketing planning for the year ahead.

And dont forget you can find loads of great information on strategy and digital marketing for construction businesses within this blog, written especially for web-savvy construction marketers.

That’s it; no more new clients please, for this year any way.

Thanks for reading.


About Nick Pauley

is the founder and managing director of Pauley Creative. Aside from managing the strategic direction of Pauley Creative, Nick is primarily involved in the early planning and marketing direction of each of Pauley Creative’s fabulous clients. Follow Nick on Twitter click here.

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