Thanks Pritesh, This Post is Just For You

That’s right, you read correctly. Pritesh is flying the nest…

120,889 visitors later (92k of which were unique), 6,709 goals converted* and 1338 days after joining Pauley Creative in April 2010 Pritesh is moving on (albeit not very far).

So, what better way to wrap up the fabulous year we’ve had than by dedicating our final blog post of 2013 to the main man himself.

Ladies and Gentleman – Mr Pritesh Patel (Prates to his chums or for short)…

Big up to Prates

Big up to Prates


@PriteshPatel9 is leaving Pauley Creative Towers in a fantastic place, to go it alone as the rock-star marketing consultant we all know he’s capable of becoming.

Consider this not a farewell however, more a recommendation for an incredible talent, an endorsement for a very bright star, one of the best digital marketers I have ever had the good fortune to work with.

Pritesh’s expansive knowledge of web analytics, digital marketing measurement and the implementation of various digital channels has been absolutely legendary for both Pauley Creative and it’s clients.

The effects of Pritesh’s contribution (see below) to the success of Pauley Creative is obvious to all those who’ve had any kind of connection with us over nigh-on 4 years.

Pauley Creative Smashes the Internets

Volumes of High Quality Traffic Heads to


Of his many scribblings, this in-depth article from the archive Measuring Marketing Campaign Performance is one of his most popular pieces of content and it continues to define his contribution, his eye for detail and his ability to react to what marketers want to know – it is a genius at work.

Measuring Marketing Campaigns

They come, they learn and they come back again for more…


There has never been any fluff with Pritesh, he works bloody hard, suffers no fools and fights for what he believes and that’s why he’ll always have my respect and remain one of the best, most sought after marketers for a long, long time to come.

I fear not for his continued success going forward.

We’ll continue to work with Pritesh for the greater good of our fabulous existing clients and no doubt plenty of new ones in the future.

Looking back there have been many memorable moments especially on Twitter but I’ve always liked this one in particular.


The Friday before Pritesh joined Pauley Creative…

Now, after 4 incredibly productive years our man ‘Prates’ is becoming his own employer as of January 2014.

To be fair he’s always been his own boss and we’ve been lucky to have him here for quite as long as we have.

He’s going to be in big demand so, if you haven’t already, I suggest you get to him before your competition does – go to – and again, if you haven’t already connected with him on Twitter or on LinkedIn then do it now!

Personally, I’d like to thank you Pritesh for an awful lot – too much to mention here – but mostly for teaching me an enormous amount, for being incredibly insightful at the drop of a hat, for allowing me to beat you in Fantasy Football this year and for contractually laughing at all my rubbish gags when ordered to.

Thanks Pritesh, I’m very much looking forward to working with you again in the new year and beyond…

Nick **reaches for hanky**

*These are Pauley Creative’s web stats, the improved collective figures for all the clients he’s helped would run into gazillions 🙂

About Nick Pauley

is the founder and managing director of Pauley Creative. Aside from managing the strategic direction of Pauley Creative, Nick is primarily involved in the early planning and marketing direction of each of Pauley Creative’s fabulous clients. Follow Nick on Twitter click here.

14 Responses to “Thanks Pritesh, This Post is Just For You”

  1. Su Butcher (@SuButcher)

    I’m pretty sure I was at the Emap Construction marketing conference in 2009 when Nick and Pritesh met. If I remember correctly Pritesh was haranguing the speakers (including me, presenting my first ever Twitter seminar) about measurement even then. Having a keen eye for talent, Nick made sure to get his phone number, and the rest is history.

    In the five years I’ve worked in this field I’ve always recommended Nick for his business minded insight into construction digital marketing, and Pritesh as the ‘man who knows more than anyone I know about Google Analytics’. I’m sure this will continue as Pritesh joins those of us who fly the nest and make the virtual world our client, employer and support team.

    Good luck Pritesh and Nick, but you don’t need it!

  2. Nick Pauley

    Thanks Su, brilliant, I remember that too, especially the Twitter feed in the corner that we took over. You were brilliant, some of the others not so much.

    I also remember the forecast speech by Noble Frances the following day and it wasn’t a laugh a minute presentation! Still I recall he said 2014 onwards would be much better, I think he may have been right, in many ways.

  3. Ieuan

    Well, where to start.
    Having followed each other on just about every social media platform there is, we finally got to work together.

    It was only ever going to go well, Pritesh had already proved how much he’d known in posts, tweets and other broadcasts.

    It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you, Pritesh, and I look forward to it continuing for a long time.

    Good luck in your new venture, not that luck is needed, you’ve got the required skills in abundance.


  4. Pritesh Patel

    Thanks for the very very kind words Nick. It’s been a pleasure working for you and for the Pauley Creative brand over the last 4 years and for some awesome clients too which I look forward to carrying on working with into the future.

    Thanks Su. You’re right, it was at the CN event in 2009 where I first met Nick having already established a bit of a ‘like-minded’ relationship prior to meeting face to face via Twitter. Lot’s of ‘LOL’ being tweeted I remember. We joked about how we’d make our entrance into the CN event via the roof Mission Impossible stylee. Trying to find that tweet on Topsy now. I guess this also made it very easy to take up Nick’s offer of working for him and for Pauley Creative.

  5. Shaun Causer

    Best of luck Pritesh,

    There aren’t too many of us in house digital marketing types around on the ‘Twittersphere’, but you’ve always championed and produced great ideas and content. In some niches it’s easy to get stuck in how to market what some may call ‘boring’ or ‘uninspiring’ products and services. You’ve always done it with a verve and passion that inspires.

    All the best for the future and thanks for the content.

    • Pritesh Patel

      Hey Shaun! Thanks buddy….no industry is boring, unless you make it boring.

      Speak soon!

  6. Lizzie Seaton

    On behalf of the whole Marketing Department at Celotex, we wish you every success, and we are very grateful for the hard work, knowledge and most of all patience you have had to help create a brilliant website. We are looking forward to 2014 and beyond to continue to work with yourself and Pauley Creative.

    Personally, thank you for teaching me so much of what I know and putting up with at least 3 calls a day!

    Best of luck!

  7. Darren Baines

    All the best with your new venture Pritesh! As many have already said, your unique, indepth insight and drive for digital marketing puts you in a fantastic position.

    It’s been great having you on board and we’re looking forward to working with you further in 2014.

    Merry Christmas!


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