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Pauley Design becomes ‘Creative’

Our new trading name ‘Pauley Creative’ is the marriage of our two core services; Brand Management and Digital Media.

The name change, albeit slight, signifies the end of our short term objective – to raise awareness of our expert digital marketing offering – which has been incredibly successful.

We will now continue to focus on our longer term plan – to lead the way in ‘Straightforward. Measurable. Marketing’ for our existing and new business to business clients – as Pauley Creative.Read More

I shot the Serif

Now you might say I am clearly easily pleased, yet every now and then you see something that is so simple yet so brilliant that you really wished you’d thought of it first. This brilliant image is one such something. “I shot the Serif” courtesy of artist Tom Gabor

NSPCC MK Half Marathon

We did it again. Three brave runners. Once again, donning the running boots and taking to the redways around MK to complete the 13 point something miles in (not-so) record times.

The eleventh annual NSPCC MK Half marathon saw around 1000 runners in various states of health & fitness plod around the finest new town in the area.

You can view the official website here:

Lego! Lego! Lego of me!

I love Lego. Every bloke loves lego don’t they? My six year old son gives me the excuse to build stuff out of lego more often these days than would usually be permitted in polite adult society.

The piece of ‘Lego art‘ above is clearly head, shoulders and guts above the usual (my usual) make-shift space rocket.

Yet with all that apparent time he has to spare, the lovely white floor and the lack of odd multi-coloured pieces, you’ve got to wonder whether the builder actually has any children at all! Remarkable!