How to use Google Hangouts to Strengthen and Grow your Construction Business

Our recent social media post showed that despite 85% of construction companies now on Google+ in comparison to 50% in 2014, less than half are yet to share a single post. And out of the 6 that are using it to an extent, including Kier Group, Mitie Group and Willmott Dixon, how many know how to sufficiently use the platform and its tools to their own advantage?

Based on YouTube’s continued development and growth across the social sphere, Google+ have created a similar function that creates the opportunity for both clients and colleagues to communicate from all over the world.

This virtual space is called Google hangouts’.

How does it work?

Anyone with a Google+ account can start a hangout; this involves a video chat that allows a maximum of 15 people to interact within or outside your company; Google Hangouts are automatically saved to YouTube, giving other people the option to watch it live on ‘air mode’ or watch it at a later date.

It’s your choice whether you post this publicly or within your specific circles; public posts will mean people can click the link to join your Hangout and your followers will receive an invite on your stream.

So how could this work for construction?

Customer Service

For both large and small businesses, perhaps this is a creative opportunity to solve customer queries and FAQ’s through video calls at a given time each week. This opportunity for desktop screen sharing means that any issue related to their product may be resolved within the comfort of their own home. Redifining the traditional helpdesk, Google+ could offer a more interactive and personable way to help a particular group of customers and put a friendly face to the company brand.


As previously mentioned, Google+ has the additional benefit over Skype that more people can join in with group conference calls and board meetings; this makes them a great and effective hosting option for more people to engage at the same time, as opposed to the limit of two people with Skype.

Video Show

Similarly to YouTube, Hangouts provide an opportunity to create inexpensive and simple recordings to boost your visual marketing. The ‘on air’ feature means that anything recorded can be directly posted to YouTube, broadening your reach across a range of platforms simultaneously. You could create weekly video shows that cover simple ‘how to’s’ or interactive webinars demonstrating your product in action. You can even introduce new team members or interview other professionals within the industry. The more videos that your audience can expect to see from your company, the more they’ll be persuaded to follow your Google+ account and YouTube channel, further strengthening your social presence.


Due to the fact that large audiences both in the UK and elsewhere can view Google Hangouts, they provide the perfect opportunity for your construction company to spread news and updates about your business to the masses. This could be the announcement of a product launch, new E-book or a whitepaper, even a new blog post with clear call to actions to guide your reader onto the next step.

We’ve covered a few of the advantages here of how Google Hangouts can strengthen your social video marketing, but what are your thoughts about the tool? Are there any other benefits that you think we’ve missed out on?

Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment, or for more information on how to implement a social strategy into your construction business, download our social media e-book here.

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