Why Effective ‘Thank You’ pages are Crucial to your Construction Business

So let’s kick off with the basics.

A ‘Thank You’ page is a web page where subscribers are redirected immediately after they submit their information. It typically thanks the subscriber for signing up to a newsletter or downloading a piece of content, whilst providing instructions on what to do next.

But why should you own a ‘Thank You’ page?

You’ve finally completed the painstaking process of creating an impressive piece of content, setting up a landing page and providing the appropriate call-to-actions. Since then, a few prospects have started to download E-books, whitepapers, or have submitted a training enquiry on your website.

All in all you’re feeling pretty good right now – visitors are coming to your site and completing conversions.


…well not just yet.

What a lot of people take for granted is the huge potential that a ‘Thank You’ page provides for business leads and growth. They assume that, having received the visitor’s contact details, the user journey is complete and a pat on the back is deserved by all.

What is typically ignored is the fact that these prospects have not just completed one goal on your website, they have now become hot prospects open to further interaction with you. With a gentle nudge in the right direction, your ‘thank you’ page will enable you to guide the user towards further engagement with your brand and in turn generate further goals.

They can become devoted brand embassadors, willing to promote your services elsewhere and to others within your target audience.

THAT is why you need a good ‘Thank You’ page.

So, with this in mind, lets take a look at a few examples…





The above is an example we’ve constructed to show what an effective ‘Thank You’ page could look like; it not only includes original confirmation of the offer, but also provides additional content which in turn leads to secondary call-to-actions.

To go one step further, our example provides the opportunity for the customer to share information amongst their own network and to connect elsewhere via social media platforms.

This creates an opportunity for further engagement and encourages the lead to share your work with others and explore your full range of products and services.

Measuring Effectiveness using Google analytics

Your ‘Thank You’ page will not only look great and provide the appropriate information, it can also be made measurable using Google Analytics; this will allow you to keep a close eye on the progress of each goal (download) so that you can continue to review and refine your pages accordingly.

Here’s what this may look like in your Analytics account…

[Please click on the images to enlarge]

In the ‘Goal Report’ section, we can see what’s happening and where against our key goals…


Month on month, these data reports will enable you to review the performance of key content, such as product guides, e-books, etc.


… as well as where this converting traffic is actually coming from…


The insight obtained from this is invaluable to guiding your current and future marketing decisions; therefore using Analytics is not just important, it’s absolutely fundamental to gaining the most from your website pages.

Ditching the old-style messages for effective, measurable pages

By now you should have been persuaded to invest in a decent ‘Thank You’ page and scrap the basic ‘Thank You’ messages, which are far less superior and prevent you from continuing the user journey with your prospects.

Incase you need one last reminder, here’s a quick round up of all the advantages that a great ‘Thank You’ page provides…

• Helps to refine and grow customer and prospect interactions
• Allows you as a company to discover trends in user activity
• Creates the opportunity to measure campaign performance
• Enables businesses to make better decisions
• Improves the user experience and increases customer satisfaction

After all, if you can understand your prospects’ needs by analyzing their online behavior, then this will enable your construction business to thrive; such pages create the fundamental opportunity to measure, refine and improve the services you offer in order to succeed within the industry.

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