Government sector lead the pack in email marketing

A recent email marketing benchmark report published by shows that the Government sector is performing the best against 23 other sectors for open and click through rates for email campaigns during Q1 and Q2 of this year. The Government sector is currently achieving open rates of 35.60% which is a significant increase on 2009. This is due to the General Election earlier this year which, for the first time, saw various other marketing channels used alongside email. We saw many parties utilise social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channels to attract the ‘online savvy’ audience.

The worst performing sector was the Property sector, dropping from 13.11% to 9.58% open rate in 12 months and this could be due to the current housing market climate we find ourselves in. However, we have to also look at the ‘engagement’ levels for each sector which is measured by the number of clicks to open (Click to open rate) and the Government sector is currently achieving a click to open rate of 25.51% whilst the property sector comes in at 9.23%.

The industrial and manufacturing sector does not fair to badly, with open rates of 19.88% and a click to open rate of 16.87% is around about the average reported during Q1 and Q2. However, the unsubscription rate is slightly higher than average and this could be due to irrelevant information being promoted to the recipient and also the value proposition within the email or campaign itself.

Here is the table for the Government, Industrial and Property sectors for Q1 and Q2 of 2010 of email marketing benchmark report:

email marketing 2011 report

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