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I shot the Serif

Now you might say I am clearly easily pleased, yet every now and then you see something that is so simple yet so brilliant that you really wished you’d thought of it first. This brilliant image is one such something. “I shot the Serif” courtesy of artist Tom Gabor

Safe-crackingly good questions for the perfect website project brief

There are evidently many questions that can be asked from the outset to develop good brief and no doubt you’ve collated many of them already. From my perspective I want to know 4 things: The objective, the assets available, as much about the audience as possible and the journey you’d like them to take. With these questions answered you will be very well armed to create an utterly storming brief. Read More

Personal Branding

Self-help is not a new idea. Samuel Smiles wrote “The spirit of self-help is the root of all genuine growth in the individual” back in the late nineteenth century (golly, how he could have made a name for himself today…).

Anyway, the logical next step on your road to a better personal space – once you’ve built up sufficient confidence and penned your life strategy with help from the world renowned Tony Robbins – is Personal Branding. In the grand scheme of things Personal branding has been around for about 37 seconds and yet it has a massive following and a multitude of experts. Read More

Lego! Lego! Lego of me!

I love Lego. Every bloke loves lego don’t they? My six year old son gives me the excuse to build stuff out of lego more often these days than would usually be permitted in polite adult society.

The piece of ‘Lego art‘ above is clearly head, shoulders and guts above the usual (my usual) make-shift space rocket.

Yet with all that apparent time he has to spare, the lovely white floor and the lack of odd multi-coloured pieces, you’ve got to wonder whether the builder actually has any children at all! Remarkable!