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[PPC] Pay Per Click fraud warning – Construction Marketing

If you’re in online construction product sales (or any product sales for that matter) you may very well be using pay-per-click advertising.  At first glance it’s a simple concept. You only pay when people click on your link. The trouble with the system is that fraudulent clicks can seriously dent your pocket and bring about no additional sales.Read More

Damned if they publish – Digital marketing strategy

The internet has provided a platform where anyone can comment, without any editorial control at all.  It’s been a rapid revolution which has taken control from the hands of those who make a business out of publishing. Some commentators have even complained and questioned whether such important things as expressing opinions should be left in the hands of the masses!Read More

Green waste. Ecobuild 2010 – Construction Event Marketing

Digital marketer upset by lack of digital marketing at Ecobuild – no surprise there then! Yes, it was green, seriously green in fact, but from where I was standing it was more ‘green behind the ears’.

Sure, there was some fantastic energy saving, efficiency driven, eco-friendly, sustainable products and services on show – and some great ‘looking’ stands too. In that respect and from an eco-building product and discussion perspective the event no doubt delivered – other more knowledgeable people than me can debate that.

So, my problem is?Read More