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Measuring Your Online Construction Marketing Campaign Performance

For savvy construction marketers, tracking and measuring marketing campaign performance is not just important, it’s absolutely fundamental.

This post was originally created in 2011 and was recently updated in November 2014

The insight gleaned is invaluable in guiding current and future marketing decisions and should ultimately govern the allocation of your marketing spend.

In this post we’ll show you how to use the Google Url Builder to measure the effectiveness of all your online marketing channels through Google Analytics (other analytics software are available).

You’ll learn how to Structure and name your campaigns. How to tag email, adwords and banner ad campaigns. We’ll show you how to tag Twitter campaigns and track offline campaigns too.

We’ll also show you how to analyse your campaign data in Google analytics and how to measure goals.

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How to make website landing pages work effectively


Communication is becoming much more segmented and personalised. Marketers are having to work harder to understand the requirements of each and every type of buyer and influencer at each stage of the long, complex construction sales supply chain. Added to this is the need to deliver relevant valuable content within all marketing efforts.Read More

Search marketing for construction companies

A Tesco superstore, I’ve decided, is a lot like Google in the sense that a superstore, as the name suggests, has a super amount of products stacked and placed neatly for us to choose from. Those products are, for the uninitiated, strategically placed (or ranked) in terms of relevance, popularity and the ability to make Tesco money.Read More

10 ways construction companies can use QR codes

This post was updated in 2015.

Developments in technology, especially web and mobile, have changed the way we engage with each other as well as with places and objects around us. A few years ago we were all tied to our desktop computers and now there is an ever increasing amount of technology allowing us to be mobile and plugged into the Internet wherever we are, thanks to smartphones and tablets like the iPad. New figures show that smartphones now account for 64% of all phones sold in the UK. Nielsen also predicted last year that smartphones will be the dominant device by the end of 2011, so there certainly is a reason to be taking this area more seriously. Opportunities to connect the physical world with the digital one are therefore great and construction companies can learn to use QR codes to their advantage.Read More

The #Ecobuild hashtag provides a unique Marketing Opportunity

Ecobuild is one of the largest events for the construction industry and the build environment. With more than 1,300 exhibitors, 750 speakers and 50,000 visitors expected over the three-days event focusing on the sectors biggest challenge: creating a sustainable build environment. This blog posts looks at the marketing opportunities created by such a huge event and how the #ecobuild hashtag can be used to connect with exhibitors, fellow visitors, speakers and allow those not able to attend a chance to ‘get a piece of the action’.

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CIMCIG ‘Social Media Marketing to Architects’ Presentation

CIMCIG kindly invited me to present at the Marketing to Architects half-day seminar on the subject of ‘Social Media Marketing to Architects’. Majority of the audience were marketers from Product Manufacturing companies and a handful of marketers from software providers and design services. 89 marketing and business development professionals attended the event which was great news for the organisers and presenters. The event provided a unique networking opportunity and gave delegates a chance to learn about enhancing existing communication channels and integrating new channels into their marketing mix to target and communicate with Architects more effectively.

Key points from the presentation:

  • Plan and research your audience. Where are they discussing topics online? What forms of communication channels do they use?
  • Take the time to listen to what architects discuss and talk about online.
  • Respond and engage with Architects. Provide them with content which is of value and helps Architects, Specifiers and Engineers to choose your products and establish a relationship with your brand.
  • Nurture Architects and help them through the specification process at various touch points.
  • Don’t always talk about yourself. Provide informative content to Architects.
  • Get other departments involved, social media can be a business tool.

CIMCIG organise and host a wide variety of events aimed at construction marketing professionals. Have a look at what else is happening this year:

5 Construction Marketing Trends for 2011

We have compiled a list of 5 digital marketing trends that we think will affect the construction industry this year. Before adapting any of these strategies, look over your company objectives to determine whether it will work for you and your business. Always have your goals in mind and don’t rush into anything without taking a step back and asking ‘what is my target audience looking for and how will this benefit them?’

1. Social Media Marketing

In 2010 social media exploded onto the marketing scene and several savvy construction companies jumped on board. Now in 2011, social media marketing will evolve from experimental campaigns ‘testing the waters’, to becoming an essential part of integrated marketing campaigns. Social media does not simplify a marketer’s job because, like traditional tools, it still requires investment, attention and innovation to keep prospects interested. But its greatest strength is the ability to reinforce and humanise brands by energising advocates to talk about the company. It helps  foster meaningful relationships with potential clients through online conversations and sharing of industry knowledge.

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