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brand analysis

If you believe your brand is innovative and fresh, but your customers see it as conservative and tired, the future might be looking dim. Take heart. A well executed brand analysis exercise can provide the reassurance you seek and signpost a route to long-term business survival.

A brand is much more than your logo. It encompasses your values, vision, mission and culture. And it is deeply connected to how your customers perceive your products and services on a emotional and psychological level. Your brand is important across all parts of your business; from attracting and retaining talent, gaining investment and of course winning business.

How strong is your construction brand?

Your business will have internal views and a “gut feel” about how strong your brand is and how it is perceived in the industry. From time to time you need to check whether the brand personality you’ve worked so hard to create still resonates with your target groups, from distributors to contractors, architects to end-users. Fortunately, working with construction sector specialists Pauley Creative, there are well-proven brand analysis techniques you can use to re-align your brand with the market dynamics.

These include;

With decades of relevant experience our team makes the process quicker, more affordable and more insightful. We’ll create and implement a plan that ensures perfect alignment between what the market wants and the proposition your brand presents.

Your project plan might look something like this;

Using your brand to attract talent

These days employees are looking for more than just a job. All businesses live or die by the people in them. Having a great brand helps attract and retain the best talent the industry has to offer.

Research proves that the most successful companies have great brands at their heart. Developing your company culture engages your workforce and accelerates your business growth. Techniques used to identify customer perceptions, can very easily be tailored to your workforce.

We can help develop your ‘internal brand’, culture and methods of communication.

Enhance your construction brand

All great brands evolve. Even the world’s favourite brands change and evolve, because none of us control customers and markets. Using brand analysis as an integral part of your marketing strategy keeps your brand relevant and your identity unique, ensuring longevity and success.

Talk to us today about your brand needs and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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